Monday 3rd November 2003

Weekend flies by and the busy week is upon us, with a blink of eye. Just thought I would make up for yesterday’s poor web blog update and add some more thoughts. I wanted to bring to your attention a link to one of the ‘thinkers’ at my University. I would say, one of the thinkers of our time, but that would just give him further reason to add to his ego. Mr. John Lampier has throughout the journey of my Computer Science course, been the champion of causes, few others would ever consider fighting for. He is on my Computer Ethics module, and has proved himself to be champion, against, an ‘unethical lecturer’. To find out more, click here and enjoy reading his essays on this heated topics.

I am not sure how many of you out there were watching Pop Idol on Saturday evening? Well during one the later breaks, between 19.00 – 19.30, there was an advertisement that captured my attention. A young lady enters the foyer of a large corporation and bumps into someone, falling and losing the portfolio she was carrying. I had seen this all before and was about to take my attention away from the television, when I noticed one of her possessions was a De Montfort University ID card. As she picks up the card, you see her time at university flash her by. The next shot, she is in the lift, and we are back to the present day, as she enters the waiting room, the receptionist asks, “Thomson, I have two Thomson’s on my list, are you the Thomson from De Montfort University?” As she replies, yes, the rest of the interviewees, look to the floor in shame, and one of them leaves. I am not sure exactly how to respond to this. When I was back home, I saw similar commercials for Middlesex University, but none so that caught my imagination in such a way. I suppose, in the past, I haven’t been that proud of my institution, but then perhaps I had reason to be apprehensive. The commercial has provided me with some much needed motivation to make the most of what remains of my time at DMU.

Very busy at the moment with work on my Final Year project. It is week six and I’m half way through the semester already. Two out of three coursework assignments have been released already, so I’m very busy at the moment.

Please report any dead links to me, via e-mail. I have updated the links page. I am working on getting the photograph gallery page uploaded very soon.

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