Sunday 2nd November 2003

I’ve been promising all visitors to my site, a revamp for months. I know it has taken me some time to forefill my promise, but I feel I’ve done myself justice. Although the site is not 100% complete, it is “work in progress” and I’ll continue to work on pages and upload new content, as and when I have time. I hope you are happy with the new design, layout and navigation. There are no longer any frames and I’ve implemented a CSS. I was considering to get both the HTML and CSS validated by those lovely people at the W3C Consortium. However on reconsideration, it was too much work and I knew that my site would take a further few months, to validate correctly. Loads to catch up on, so let me begin. Last weekend, on Saturday night, there was a mission. A mission for the ‘patriots on patrol’, who live in Sheffield Street. The purpose of this mission was to locate the fireworks display taking place for Diwali, around Melton Road, Leicester. Around 8pm, our trepid soldiers headed out into the wet night. We had our map, and we had our trusted driver, Private Han.

With Corporal A in the rear of the vehicle, keeping a close eye on proceedings and providing us with the instructions we needed to make our mission a success. Indeed, it was a great success, as we able to make it to see the full firework display and did not get stuck in major traffic heading back to base, due to good thinking on the part of our driving, and leaving the vehicle, walking distance from the recreational ground.

Did any of you catch the National Television Awards on Tuesday evening, on ITV1? Well Sir Trevor McDonald picked up the Lifetime Achievement Award (or something similar, not sure on the exact title!) During the presentation ceremony, there was a flash back of all his best reporting moments, through the years and also some comments from celebrities. One particularly classic moment, was Lenny Henry in makeup with the newscaster. Trevor advised the comedian, on the most important aspects of presenting the news, “You have to get the shuffle of the papers exactly right!”. Taking this holy grail of advice, Henry, thanked MacDonald and headed for the exit. Then the news presenter came with some final words of advice, “Remember brother, whatever you do, stay Black!”. I just wanted to extend a warm (very warm!) thank you to Karen, Assistant Manager (not quite sure on that fact!) at Doland & Aitchson Opticians, in Leicester. Great to see a great level of customer service! I have not got much else to update with regards my webblog. I will try and update it again very soon.

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