Thursday 23rd October 2003

It is rather a shame that I do not update my website more often. I have put myself in the position now, where I have very few excuses. Broadband connection at home, a home network, comprising of three computers. Oh yeah, there is the small question of my University degree. It would be good if I got some work done, after all I have not accumulated all this debt for nothing.

It is four weeks into my the first semester of my Final Year at De Montfort University. You begin to lose focus, and at times hope with the strain that is life. Something is needed to bring you back on track and once again, bring hope to your heart. There are very few things that can occur that can stimulate this change in mood. There are even fewer people on this planet, that are able to bring faith, when all is but lost.

Facing continual adversary, they have been able to stand up for their faith, even though they have tendered never to be far from the spot light. The negativity at times, is far from truth, but when the person believes so much in truth and justice, you can only feel that perhaps life has dealt them a unique gift and a great disadvantage, through no fault of their own.

My feelings were so different a year ago. I remember, the wet October night, the rushed drive to the petrol station. The conversation, which was anything but. Rather a glide through a pre-defined list which you had decided upon long before the phone even rang. It would be the last time I spoke to you, but I was not to know then. I wasn’t to know that those few words would be last I would hear and subsequently the most easiest to forget. Three weeks later, my feelings of friendship would be destroyed with a barrage of text messages. Even then I didn’t lose hope. The cowardice you showed was unparalleled. For one, who had once shown directness and the ‘right way’, you did everything wrong. If love and affection are words that you still respect, where was the respect for the one who had meant so much. I look back and feel the whole phone call episode was a smokescreen. You had to repay your debt, but I never heard a thank you. Sure, my gesture was far from the biggest, but it was important and I thought it meant something, particular when you do things for the right reasons and for someone else. That all seems a world away from now, and as much as I try to avoid thoughts, images and words of you, they very much remain as I always intended. Beautiful, as indeed my memories shall forever remain.

We all deserve one more chance, and there was only one person I can describe, who can give us, “One More Chance with Love”. Michael Jackson, is releasing a brand new single, written by R. Kelly on Monday 24th November. A month to go, and of course, there is further significance regarding the date, but that isn’t important right now.

I have had my digital camera repaired and will hopefully be uploading new photographs to the website soon. I think I may leave the change, until the next version of this site is live. Then all pictures will be organised, in a easier to use gallery.

Erasure made it to number 13, with their remixed release of Oh L’amour, which I mentioned in my update last week. It was really good to see them back in the top twenty, after all these years in the wilderness. Even better news, was from my favourite song from the last few weeks. Kevin Lyttle, made it to number two, and the second highest new entry of the week, with “Turn Me On”. Fantastic anthem, and very much deserved.

On other fronts, I am still working on my new version of this website. Please bear with me. It is just a case now of transferring and updating various pages onto the new layout, testing a few pages and uploading the entire site.

I have been busy tinkering with my University website. It now has the latest feed for the new live web cam, looking over the Leicester City Campus. That too is going under a minor overhaul, while I update you with information regarding my Final Year Project. Stand by for further information on that over the coming few weeks.

Hopefully, new website should be online over the weekend, if I have the time to sort all the pages out. So prepare yourselves people!

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