Even The Principal Is A Hero

Iqbal Theba is somewhat of a hero of mine! Let me clarify this by making that a small time television hero, not the super street fighting kind. He starred in a handful of episodes of Sister, Sister, with the classic line, “This is AMERICA! Everything is for SALE!”. However, he has outdone himself as Principal Figgins on Glee. Watching the most recent episode this week (I believe I am a good few episodes ahead of the E4 schedule). Just check out this dance move as he mashes it up, while the Glee club, New Directions before a cover of Ke$ha hit, “Tick Tok”.

Principal Figgins

He also starred in an episode of Chuck in the very early days, as some kind of millionaire playboy, with a hot babe on each arm. (I am sure Chuck made some comment about how hairy the “villain” of the week was in the episode, even referenced in the title, Chuck Versus The Wookie) You can read about Theba’s other acting credits from the 1990s over on Toob World.

As I come to the end of my week off, I feel I have achieved very little that I planned to do. However, having said that we have been able to move forward with the planning of the wedding to a stage where all the major, “big ticket” items are now in place and there is a minor break for a month or so before we get into clothes, flowers and music selections. I had to make a quick trip into town this morning and parked, as I usually do in the George Street car park. I noted the Parking Attendant or Ticket Warden was making his rounds, so was quick to get a ticket and walk into the town centre. (I never try and park for free – honest it is just not worth it and my total career parking ticket count over a decade is a mere two!). You can imagine my surprise, to return to my car, to find a green ticket under the wiper. I could not believe it, but then realised that parking tickets are yellow. It was in fact, a parking services customer feedback form! Wycombe District Council really know how to put you in a state of despair. I wonder which smart Alec at the council dreamt up this scheme? Will I be answering the “How are we doing?” form? Probably, if only to give them a piece of my mind that there are better ways to ask for customer feedback!

Wycombe District Council Car Park Feedback

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