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Reading up about my cousin, Simon, my sister, Samantha mentioned that he has a permanment exhbition in the Science Museum, London. I had mentioned this to Michelle a while back (obviously purely to impress her with the creative talents of the Tegala name!) We had promised ourselves that at some point we would take a look. Simon had an exhibition in May last year, but due to unforeseen circumstances and the fact that exhibit was only running for a handful of days, we did not get to go.

This afternoon, I finally got to see his exhibit, it was my first venture to the Science Museum, since my school days, in the mid to late 1990s (cannot remember the exact date, but I do recall coming to the Natural History Museum in 1998).

Science Museum - Exhibition ArtistsScience Museum - Fuel Drop Explosion

I have to confess it did take a while to find his showpiece, I had to jump on the 3G on my HTC Desire and Google, “Simon Tegala +Science Museum +exhibit” and I found it was on the second floor and I had already past the energy area, much earlier in the day. In fact, I first found the exhibition artists list and then had to hunt around for the actual piece. Many people thought it was touch senistive, or more elaborate, than a video on loop.

I hope Simon can get his new website, which has been under development for months up and running, so that I can keep better informed of his up and coming exhibitions – wherever they are!

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