Friday 28th January 2005

Only given a limited theatrical release, last summer, Fahrenheit 9/11 was shown on Channel 4. Perhaps as a documentary, it is exempt from the standard fours year we normally have to wait for a network television premiere. I knew nothing about the Michael Moore attack on the Bush administration, until my friend Nav, mentioned it during my lunch hour, while chatting on MSN Messenger. My friend was planning his whole evening around the event, to be screen at 9pm. Although I tend to shy away from making any strong political statements on my blog, my view has been quite clear since the events of September 11th, 2001. Now more commonly referred to in the calendar format used across the pond, 9/11.

My overall response was an extensively researched documentary, with Moore making several significant links between the Bush family, oil and the Saudis. This was the basis for the first part of the footage, which was used in an unique way. Footage unseen by the public, as George W. Bush and other big movers within the US administration, as they are prepared to go live broadcasts. The Presidents mannerisms are extremely revealing, taking into consideration the news he is about to break to the world, the invasion has begun. To follow this up, Michael Moore commentary just to guide you through a variety of arguments and points of coincidence that appear intrigued when put together with all the other evidence Moore has gathered. Spliced in between are interviews, live footage from both the terror attacks, the front line in Baghdad, and even harrowing hospital footage. Against, this there was also some lighter material, thrown in for comic relief, with Bush, Blair, Cheney and other being the Magnificent Seven. The focus was controlled, with much of the argument based on Bush’s inaction prior to the events in downtown Manhattan. If this is the introduction to the temperature rising, the rest of the film, which is quite long winded takes several avenues. In the most part, all of these arguments work, but towards the end it becomes very emotive, which is fine. The shame is that this argument is not taken further. We meet Lilly, who has two children in the US Army. Then, later in the conflict we meet, her surrounded by her extended family to explain that one of her sons has been lost. In a moving piece, which shows the great pride the mother held for her son, she reads his final letter. I was very moved by this piece and near to tears myself. In the next scene, we see Lilly heading to the White House to face her demons. She comes up against a local lady, in her late 30s wearing, dark glasses and red top. Even though Lilly, is clearly distressed and in tears at this time, this woman says to her, “Your son wasn’t the only one!”. In a fist of rage, Lilly lashes out, with a fiery, “My son.. died!” and decides to walk away from the fight. She sums up her feelings by saying, “This is the type of stupid ignorant people I have to deal with..” Poignantly, one woman had been able to place into the words the whole reason for this documentary. To shed light to the reality of war, the reality of greater powers having an agenda. How greed and oil can play an important part in politics. I was disappointed that the ending was on such an awkward, almost unclear ground with the emotions running so high. Opening my eyes to various aspects which I only had limited knowledge of before. I do agree with that fact that the lower grades of society are the first to sacrifice themselves in the name of freedom. While between only one and three senators actually have children serving with the armed forces. My views have not changed, but I am less sympathetic with those who are less informed about both sides of the argument. Well worth viewing if you want to find out more about this war, or should I say, liberation?

There are many critical of this sensational attempt at trying to change the outcome of a US election. While Moore is working on a sequel, other filmmakers are plotting their own response to the director, calling him unpatriotic. Strange how one film can divide a nation in this way. Particular when there are always going to be doubters and even those willing to delve deep into your past and permanent record.

Looks like the first month of 2005 has slowly disappeared over the horizon and February will be soon upon us. Time is flying by and I think the fact I have a busy job is the main culprit. Everything is going well, and I’m trying my best to settle into a routine. I know this will come about in due course, but I really need to get out of this habit of being a lazy slob. To date, I have rarely exercised and although am by no means obese, that is no excuse for not being healthy. I did join a gym, three years ago, this month. My plan was to get into a casual routine during the second semester at University and then build up to a more regimented schedule. Did this happen? Unfortunately the reality of my placement, mean I was driving up to 4 hours a day, totaling some 600 miles a week. There was no time to fit in a gym programme. Swiftly in September, I cancelled my membership, with my attendance having swindled down to a solemn weekly visit to my Uxbridge gym on a Sunday morning. Now that I am working more closer to home, I think it is an ideal time to consider getting back onto the running machine and being more conscience of what I eat. Making the statement on my website, makes it that more important and that more real. I cannot shy away from the fact that I have a target to achieve. My housemates, won’t worry about me shying away from my responsibilities. I am sure certain people out there will be quick to pick up when I fail to meet the my aims. This is not a late new year resolution, this is just a casual attempt to clean up my act. (Which observers would say is hardly appalling!)

My website needs some minor updates, need to get some recent photographs online, update the links page and also create an index of all the songs which have been referenced (by lyrics only) at the end of my blog postings. Plenty to keep me busy plus writing original material for my work blog. When will I find the time for my XBox, with all those new titles, and catch up with the latest from the 4th round of the FA Cup.

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