Sunday 8th May 2005

As another weekend draws to a close, I use this time on a Sunday evening to reflect. This day of the week has changed, so much for me over the years. At University, particularly in my first year, it was a time to rest, get shopping done, perhaps go down to the local Odeon cinema with my friends from halls. In the second year, moving into a house, things changed. Located further off campus, it meant I had become displaced from many of my friends from the first year. The day was spent working, until 2pm. Returning to the house to have some lunch, get some work done and prepare for another week of lectures, trials and tribulations. My third year was spent on placement, weekends are blurred in between my 600 mile a week trek to Bedford. I am confident, that I spent Sundays recuperating. Then, the final year, once again in a student house, Sundays were strange. Sure, I had bucket loads of work to be getting on with, but I tended to take my time and get things completed as I saw fit. My housemates, both on a Masters course, tended to go to church around 7pm, so I was on my own for a few hours. While I did not mind this at all, I had plenty to occupy myself with, it is just strange, now looking back at those times. At times life was empty and I could not see the finish line, but now is not the time to mention such things. Anything of note has been recorded, and there is nothing that can be gained by going back with post mortems and what if scenarios. We are altogether a better person and heading, for once in my life, the right direction. Onwards and upwards.

Getting up early, on Saturday, I got ready and headed off to Slough. I did not mention it at the time, but I had my first test drive in the Fiat Stilo Abarth in October (the exact date loses me now). Then, I had a quick drive which meant I drove home and then back to the dealership on the Bath Road. This time around, I wanted to make sure I got a better feel for the vehicle. This time around, I was given a black, 03 plate, hatchback, which had been on display on the forecourt. Due to this, I had to have those unlicensed plates on the front and back. Then, it was not until after I had driven off, and was way into my journey on the M4, that I realised that the salesman had not given me the Sat Nav CD, so no talked navigation, I had to settle for the radio. Eventually, I got it tuned into KISS 100. What can I say? The car feels so much like me? you put your foot down and the big engine roars to life! Yet, this car has a special feature, which I want to keep under wraps for now. It relates to a tale from my college days, and you will have to wait for a few months for that particular entry. Does that make sense? To read the full details of my obsession with this automobile, which started in April 2003, yes, I know two years ago. When I returned the car, just a few minutes after midday, I took my time, admiring the cars on show in the showroom. Fiat had just that day, launched the limited edition, Fiat Stilo Schumacher. Not only does the GP Champion give his name to this hot hatch, the whole package has been improved with thanks to Pro Drive. However, the specification in the UK still does not pull a single punch against that available on the continent. Therefore, I’ll be sticking to the Abarth, thanks very much. Oh, but I will be having the addition of the GP kit. Those 18″ alloys, just look too tasty. Planned to be dropping on my driveway towards the end of June. So, stay tuned.

Arsenal beat Liverpool to secure themselves 2nd place, with automatic qualification into next season’s Champions League. Fantastic game to watch, with Arsenal at their entertaining best in the first half, only to take the foot off the gas pedal in the second half to soak up pressure from the Mersey side European Cup Finalists. Thankfully, our little Spaniard, smashed home the third goal to take the tie beyond Liverpool. Joy in the blue half of the city. Did you see the intelligent, well waited pass by Bergkamp? For once, I disagree with Arse Blog, and he deserves one final season at Highbury. Now, what do I have to do, to get onto the waiting list for a season ticket?

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