Monday 13th December 2004

It was billed as Judgment Day and it did not disappoint. A result for Rupert and the boys if nobody else. Let us focus for a few minutes on the trails. Pinning Mr. Wenger and Mr. Mourinho against each other as time travelling killing machines. My Dad hates all theses trails, across the digital broadcaster and not just for the big sports clashes. He would prefer his subscription money to be spent on purely programming and for the monthly installment be better value for money. For me, however, the trails, spots, are what makes watching Sky so special. Sky Movies did lead the way until a few years ago, until the movie package was restructured for a purely numbered approach, which of course does not work. Give me Sky Movie Max and Premiere any day. The masters in the editing sweet had worked over time for the Sunday afternoon London derby though. Using the theme music from the fantastic sequel with images of the all star cast for this epic encounter. There is always the possibility that the final spectacle can never live up to expectations. Just look at the battle of the buffet. (Proves that the match was so important that the off the field antics take precedent over the football). For once, the perfect atmosphere was created, placing me on the edge of my sofa, and the hair standing on the back of my neck, as they teams came out on that cold winter afternoon. The scene was set and within minutes, the key battle would commence. Personally I am glad the broadcasters still show such enthusiasm for what can only be regarded as extravagant marketing. Then again this is coming from a guy, who has always watched the intro sequences for all the games I love and actually live for them.

The game itself was played at lightning pace, and my nerves were settled early by Henry. Overall, I agree that this was a game we should have won. Of course draw is better than defeat but to be leading twice and then surrender your lead in such foolish ways is unthinkable. Arsenal were the masters of defending set-pieces. We just seem to be lacking concentration at the back and teams will exploit this unless we improve.

What I tend to do, as the end of the year draws near is to look back at my entries from a year ago. It was not exactly all songs in the street but the capture of Saddam was a big turning point in the struggle for Iraq. A year on there is still much work to be done, and with elections around the corner, will true democracy empower the people? This is not for me to discuss such worldly life changing issues on this blog of shameless self promotion. More suited to the likes of Xercs and Healing Iraq. Leave it in your very capable hands, guys.

Purchased my Christmas Cards, on Sunday at Clinton Cards as has now become an annual tradition. I have stopped making long exhaustive lists on Excel and tend to work from memory now. Each year for some reason the number of cards I both send and receive has been diminishing. Even I am not sending out such examples of egoist eccentricity With all the new technology and ways of communicating, it is surprising that the traditional Christmas card has lasted this long. Perhaps that is an naive statement, as there will always be people who want to send ‘seasons greetings’ on paper rather than electronically. I agree with sending the odd Christmas e-card, but anything via SMS represents shortsightedness on behalf of the sender at least. With or without royal approval.

Talking of progress. Why are we so slow to taking up new technology here in the UK? At least there are hints of upcoming HD TV broadcasting. Japan leads the digital revolution and it is amazing to discover they have had high definition television has early as 1991. There is demand for a service which promises images that are six times sharper than current broadcasting levels. The truth is out there and being blogged. Then on the horizon is the next battleground. Just when you have finally completed replacing your VHS collection onto DVD and disposed of the ancient VCR. (How 1980s does VCR sound today?)

The rest of this week is just going to be a build to Thursday. I should make more use of my new blog and write something.

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