Wednesday 15th December 2004

I have been using credit cards for the past five years and am bemused by the new scheme of Chip and Pin. Sure, the signature as a measure of authority has been ineffective for decades but entering a pin appears to have several flaws of its own. As an organised individual, I am usually on the ball with any new initiatives that are dished upon us. I have to admit I have just been lazy. However, I was told this afternoon, at Next that from two months time, I will have to know my PIN and that signatures will no longer be accepted. I now need to develop a strategy for my PIN. I could be naive and create a universal number for all my cards, which would save me time but be a security nightmare should I lose my cards and my PIN become common knowledge. A more dogmatic and sensible approach would be to have two or three PINs to use across three or more cards. I am working on it, just need to work out how I can re-request my PIN from all these issuers.

Almost a year in the making, I finally caught the video for a track, I had been hunting down for several months in 2003. Television broadcast from the subcontinent takes precedent. Although we have switched in the last ten months from being a household tuned to B4U to the station Rupert in 1993. Star is broadcast from India but has a global reach. Just after 5pm, my Mum asked my Dad to change the channel. When he chose 801 on the Sky Remote instead of 804, I was pleasantly surprised. This quickly turned to joy when I heard the familiar beats of Kangna by Dr. Zeus. I had waited some time to see the video in full, sure I had seen the Zeus medley several times but that was cheap to say the least. To be honest, I was disappointed, I had expected more. The song has got now, almost a cult following that it will go down as a classic, yet the video, lacked effectiveness. No, perhaps it was not original, unique, as the lyrics of the song make out. Describing the unique relationship between yourself and the girl on the dance floor with the sparkling bracelet.

I never rehash previous postings. I find that to be meaningless and add little to the longetivity of my blog, as a historical document. All day I have been thinking long and hard of how to express how I feel on this day. Late into this evening, I still had little to write. Referring to my entry from Sunday 20th June before I started my last job. There are times when you are give the poetic licence to be arrogant and perhaps even selfish and that is one of the finest examples here. May have become a victim of my own success in that respect, with words, imagery and stature that cannot be fallen. Doesn’t stop me drying. So, rather than summary my feelings in a song, I am going to do something different. Recommend a blog. This will only click with a selective few in my audience. Memories of University, the rush to get that first assignment completed on time and course the all nighter to no avail. Take a step back to those wholly corridors of academia. Be afraid, be very afraid.

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