Thursday 16th December 2004

It all came together as I was driven around into the car park of my new office. My new working day home. To say this was a different environment was an understatement. I had gone, from (in my humble opinion) the greatest city in the world to this countryside retreat. Well, that is not so much a clue as an indication of where in the world I find myself and what the future brings. Sometimes, the greatest postings happen my accident and all the pieces of the jigsaw fall into place, quite happily without the need to be constantly wanting to write the perfect post. As musings from last clearly show. A man trying to force words of wisdom on a reluctant crowd.

A breath of fresh air. That is all I can say to describe my first day at work. Firstly, I left the house half an hour before I was due at the office. Unthinkable, when a just five weeks previously, the journey would have started an hour and half earlier, just to be sure to make it to the office on time. As I pulled out my drive, I glanced at the clock, 08:27. WOW! Although there was some traffic built up on the A404, there was little to fret. I still made good time and was early (as one should always be). On your first day, there tends to be certain home truths that come home to roost. Things will be dramatically artificial from another standard day. Having now experience 3 ‘first’ days, the first two years ago and two, five months apart this year. There is so much to take in, people to greet and make comfort your seat. Of course, people are nice, they don’t want to let their guard down and want to make you feel comfortable. They are waiting for you to settle before they show themselves out, which is understandable. Although I have noted well, people being themselves and not putting on this show, this facade for the new boy My last firm had an extremely streamlined induction procedure, running a tight ship and an extremely tighter schedule. Global firms have experience and more importantly than that, a “way” of doing things. The SMEs of this world, just have big aspirations but not the wallet to match. Yet, I find myself in a mixture of the two, or more half way house. Early days indeed but first impressions build towards bigger and better things in the world and therefore I need to quickly summarize my thoughts and feelings. Not having a shadow meant the day dragged and I did not pick up as much as I could have but then again, there was so much to take it, I think it will take me at least three to four months to master the product. (The previous version that is!) Just run me through the benefits of bespoke software again?

The major factor, rather than just the X Factor is the time of year I find myself starting work. Not just that its the most wonderful time of year. Joining when I do, I find my Mum finishing work tomorrow and my sister early next week. In the opposition direction, I find myself ending the stupid slump of the past few weeks and becoming dragged into the overwhelming world. Sure, the next few days are going to difficult and at times a struggle. I am prepared, (as well as I can be) for what can only be the start of a new challenge. Yet, I know deep down inside that the real battle begins in January, with the slate somewhat wiped clean and the future, not hanging in the balance, I never live my life in that way. I intend to, in the best possible fashion, prove once again, all the critics wrong.

Much of what has been written here, should have gone on my ‘other’ blog but this was a moment for personal reflection and not just technical know how. The ideal will be to have personal views and opinions on this site and any usual bits of information on the other. Let me know when I fail to do this.

As I got out of my German ride, some words echoed out into the cool winter air from the above average engineered radio, tuned to the Irish wonder. The waiting was over, my first day at work, was about to begin.

All the times that I cried, keeping all the things I knew inside,
It’s hard, but it’s harder to ignore it.
If they were right, I’d agree, but it’s them you know not me.
Now there’s a way and I know that I have to go away.

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