Wednesday 5th May 2004

Went to Subway for the first time today. It is not normal practice for me to promote particular products, services or takeaway joints, but I think I will make an exception. Reasonable priced sandwiches which are great value for money. During my second year, it was being built on Narborough Road and opened sometime during my placement year. It has taken me nearly a year to go and try their brand of sandwiches and other savory snacks. The verdict – very very good. No wonder they are giving McDonalds a major run for their money. Check those figures, it has more fast food restaurants than McDonalds in the US!

Just guess which movie is on five this evening. I have now seen it at least eight times on the channel and have blogged about it before, just over a year ago on 23rd April 2003. Great movie, starring one of my childhood idols, but it is just a shame that the terrestrial channel keep using this movie and not any others from the actor’s fine catalogue.

Alex Mace, webmaster of the fantastic blog, Why The Hell? posted a unique web service on his blog last month. A plugin records the audio you play and transmits it to a website. This builds up a unique profile of your musical tastes. Then you can get in touch with people who have the same tastes and join groups recommended by the site. The site is called, AudioScrobbler. My profile is available as Teg. I will add this link to my Audio page, so everyone can keep track of the music I am currently listening to on WinAmp.

Strange time at University. Everyone I know, revising hard for finals. A bit of a limbo period really. Had my last lecture on Tuesday and it was very much anti moment. I think everyone was just relived to get their projects in on time and more focused on the exams that lie in the three weeks ahead.

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