Friday 7th May 2004

Over a month ago, towards the end of March, I mentioned that one of my favourite blogs had closed. I was extremely disappointment that it had come to such an end. I did mention in that entry that Max would be back. He would miss blogging and the outlet that it provides him. I was right. The full archives for A Teenager Blogs are available, but along side a new blog, aptly called Brief Writings Of Boy, has appeared. Max has now taken the approach that ‘less is more’ and is keeping the new incarnation of his blog, far more light hearted, brief and ultimately less personal. I am not sure about this approach. The shout box, which was the port of call for many fans of the site has now gone. Maybe the fame has turned against our author and he prefers now to shun the limelight. Who knows? Time will indeed tell for, like I mentioned before, although mature beyond his years Max still has many lessons to learn, both about himself and others. I am still on the hunt for any unique and special blogs out there. Particularly those by British Asians, but any generally of interest. I know some blogs are done completely anonymously and that is fine in some circumstances, but I feel a blog in it’s nature is highly personal and should at least give a few clues to the identity of the author.

Still trying to find a song that can summarize my time at University. A recent candidate is another song by the Corrs. Their next single, in fact. ‘Summer Sunshine’, hold the right sentiment but it does not convey the right message. The message I want the perfect song to convey is the variety of emotions you go through when at University. The mixture of hope, sadness at times pain you feel when here. I am slowly coming to the realisation that I will not find this song I yearn for. I will not find it now because I am desperately actively searching for it. It will arrive when I least expect, like most things. However, it will be many years in the future, when some radio station or music channel are retrospectively looking back at 2004. Then a song, which perhaps I already know and like, will be heard with those rose-tinted glasses. Or should that be muffled headphones? Anyway, it will be then that I realise that yes, this song describes both my final year at University and my time there in general. All I hope for is that song is by a British band and that overall it is a feel good song. University has been a roller coaster ride for me. Off all the regrets I have, I wished I had blogged from the moment I had left Wycombe. It would make looking back much more easier than it is now. Having to race around my memory banks for the good times and for the bad. Did I find myself, while here? I feel I did. It was towards the end of my first year. The summer was drawing in and I was trying to look back at my year as a Computer Science graduate. Many things happened from September 2000 to June 2001. Of some of the more painful things, the death of a loved one. Those two words are highly inadequate. This was someone special, someone whom I held close to my heart. For bringing unique joy into my life, like no other. The journey to India, during Easter 2001, was an important part of this process of finding one’s self. I think I had to capture my roots and discover where it had all begun. Realise that there is more to life than I had previously imagined. It was the great Greek philosopher, Socrates who said, “To find yourself, think for yourself.” This time three years ago, I finally began thinking for myself.

I have re-organised and updated the Info page. Badly in need of a tidy up, I have also now included a history of the blog. Well more about how my weblog came about and how it has evolved through the past few years. I am also thinking of creating a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page in conjunction with the Info page. I am not asked that many questions by visitors to this site, but I just feel it would be a great addition and provide everyone to some answers they are seeking. Rather than e-mailing me directly in the first instance. I will work on that in the coming few weeks. If you have any burning questions that need to be answered, please drop me a line.

I have finally added a Comments system to this website. I have backtracked and added the ability to post comments from the beginning of this month. So please, feel free to leave your messages, negative, positive or even critical. This service is provided by Enetation. I will donate some money towards the webmaster providing this service to remove all the advertising. However, I must admit it is a great feature to have now and many visitors will be pleased. You can finally tell me what you think of individual entries and add your fifty pence worth! 🙂

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