Saturday 23rd September 2006

Felt like I was stuck in the working week for an age, as the days seemed to drift into each other. Glad the weekend has finally arrived, although now that I am here my plans seem to have fallen apart. Hold on a second, that does sound rather over dramatic. Due to circumstances beyond my […]

Tuesday 22nd November 2005

Some blogs get blog rolled instantly, no need for lousy introductions, particularly if the author is a World Record Holder. GeoffTech is such a golden example. More to come on this later. Mighty Mouse mentioned a new bookmark sharing service under the amusing name of (Can you see what it is yet?). I have […]

Tuesday 13th September 2005

Where were you at 18:56 this evening? Perhaps doing something useful, like driving around your local town looking for a petrol station with juice. Well, while I do not doubt your intentions, you missed a defining moment. Finally, after only following the brief period, I have been crowned, somewhat dubiously (I agree) as the biggest […]

Friday 9th September 2005

Is it Friday already? The week has flown by and I have been rather busy. This blog has become neglected (as my dearest friend, Sippy has noticed). Therefore, I am hoping that this weekend, I can spent some time to put that right. I have to admit that over the past few days I have […]

Wednesday 1st December 2004

In an ideal world, I would have started writing a blog/journal/online diary much earlier in life. Thinking about it consciously the best moment would have been the summer of 1999. So much was going on in my life. I had just finished my first year at college, had made a whole new group of friends. […]