Friday 11th November 2005

Been over a week since I last added an entry. To be honest, there has been little going on to warrant a posting. Although, Friday has always been my day to look back and reflect on the past week. DG over on his blog has been doing some heavy analysis on every aspect of his online journal. This got me thinking. Do I really still need a blog? Although my popularity has been growing steadily over the past year, my personal enthusiasm has been at times waning.

My one and only Carling Cup match (Worthington Cup, as it was known then!) was in September 1998 at Adams Park. Wycombe entertained visitors from the North East. The Middlesborough side including Paul Gascoigne, the main draw for the crowd full of families. Towards the end of this month, I will be going to my second League Cup match, Arsenal v Reading. Thankfully tickets went on sale to Red members this morning at 9.30am and I was lucky enough to secure my seat. I am looking forward to seeing some of the younger players on the fringes, knocking on the door for first team action.

Another weekend, with very little planned. There are of course, various international friendlies taking place and no top flight domestic football until next weekend. Upgrading the Media Centre software on my XBox, although, as Sippy has already told me, there is little difference with the release from early October. The most annoying aspect of the handful of recent releases has been that I have not been able to access the Internet via the black box. Those of you not familiar with the technology will be intrigued to know that Microsoft have finally placed a computer at the heart of the home entertainment system. You can view the latest movie trailers direct from Apple, read movie synopsis on IMBD and check out the forecast for the next four days via the Weather Channel. Hopefully, tomorrow I can fix this problem and get my connection online!

Last night, for the first time in ages, I turned my back on the computer and went to read a book. I have neglected reading, ever since I left college and while at University, just read the compulsory set texts. When I was growing up, particularly in my pre-teen years I was constantly reading. Perhaps not the quality literature that my English teacher would have liked, but nevertheless engaging my mind. Since I left college, I have become rather lazy and the only reading I do is e-mails at work and websites. How pathetic is that! I did try to start reading again, in June last year, but soon gave up. Preferring to sleep on the train into London, rather than concentrate on reading at such an unholy hour.

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