Friday 18th November 2005

Let me take you back to June, 27th June to be exact. In that posting I mentioned Merdach Taylor. I would like to apologise for making a somewhat understandable mistake. The name of the soca artist, is actually Mesdach. Until last night I only had a sixty second preview clip of the song. Thankfully, a fruit juice in turbo charged pro edition was able to find the full song I was looking for. The format itself is something worthy of talking about, but let me first concentrate on the music. With Trinidad & Taboga through to the World Cup in Germany, Five Live (on their 606 programme on Wednesday evening) were quick to discover their nickname (and follow in the footsteps of the Reggae Boys from France 1998). Well, Soca Warriors have finally made it and the party begins in June. So, to get myself in the mood, a small preview of the soundtrack, that will undeniable be next summer. Oh yeah, the song title is ‘Shut Up’.

Talking of football, let me explain the events of Friday afternoon. When yet another bombshell was dropped in the world of soccer. My colleague in the IT department, proclaimed to the office that Keane had just walked out of United. He had the news brought straight to his desktop, thanks to Sky Sports. I went over to BBC News my standard homepage in Firefox. Indeed it was true. Within a few seconds, Daniel all the way from the Far East flashed up. He was in a state of shock at the news, unable to comprehend that another midfield heavy weight had left the most famous club in the world. My words to him were simple. Blog. A few minutes passed and he explained he had updated his weblog with the latest. Sure enough, (when I got home to check) he had. To be honest, I can’t say that I am that surprised. It has been on the cards for several months and Man Utd major drop in form was perhaps the final straw. In any case, I’m looking forward to the weekend. There is the lunchtime game between Arsenal and the Wigan (refered to by Daniel, as the big pretenders!).

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