Tuesday 13th September 2005

Where were you at 18:56 this evening? Perhaps doing something useful, like driving around your local town looking for a petrol station with juice. Well, while I do not doubt your intentions, you missed a defining moment. Finally, after only following the brief period, I have been crowned, somewhat dubiously (I agree) as the biggest fan of Hollyoaks? (It must be the fact that I watch each episode, twice, but am I excluded for not going for the thrice, Sunday omnibus. Has Teg gone mad? No, I have not, I have proof. Maybe, just maybe this is the moment I have been waiting for. The moment my blog takes that giant leap from obscurity to major national prominence.

Look, I will make it easier for you, how about this doctored, Adobe Photoshop approach. That is Jake Dean (or a rather sleepy Kevin Sacre) waking from a slumber, while on the far right, just in clear shot is a box, labeled, “TEG”. Before I get too narrative, Jake was moving his things into the flat rented by his wife, Becca. I actually spotted this on E4, on Monday night, while the rest of country was drunk on the euphoria of the Ashes victory against Australia. Listening to Anita Anand on Five Live last night, one listener suggested, The Empire Strikes Back as the title for the DVD compilation for the test match series. Genius!

Right, back to Hollyoaks, which will be mentioned for the last time (this month at least) on my blog. I think they should start another channel, Classic E4 if you will. Here they can show, Hollyoaks from the beginning (October 1995) classic Brookside, vintage Countdown. It would be a great success and if scheduled well, could prove t be a major hit with the public (particularly my age group!) So come on Channel 4, give us what we’ve been waiting for. Just a downright shame, that this brief moment of fame, will have been missed by everyone. Shame.

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