Friday 16th September 2005

What a week? For all the fuel crisis (what crisis?) comment, and the dilemma’s of running of diesel and trying to get to work, step over there but please come back. I will make sure there is something interesting here for you to read. I wish I had kept a blog or at least a written diary during the fuel crisis of September 2000. Only my college friends from the time knew what I went through that week. Thinking of it that way, means that I’m excluding all my new found friends from University and beyond. Strange how we develop relationships constantly throughout our lives and that very few friends from our early days last out to the end. I enjoy meeting new and exciting people and hope this habit never stops. Five years on, I was nolonger an 18 year old trying to keep calm on the forecourts, instead a full fledged adult, working (there are those that feel I do no real work!) trying to put off the inevitability of having to stop for diesel. How the tables have turned! Talking of tables turning, I have find myself in the amazing position, which eleven months ago, I could not have dreamt up. while I cannot go into the full details, let me for the time being leave you with the following. You know you are good, when people work hard to convince you to come back. Have you been watching Eastenders? While the adventures on Albert Square ended quite dramatically on Friday evening (well done Tony, great job on the scripting!) I would like to take you back to Tuesday. The date of my last post. People often ask me why I am such a religious watching of the BBC soap. Sure, the main melodramatic story lines (which the press gang all write about) are my biggest reason for catching each and every episode. Yet it is also the minor characters, sub-plots and comic entertainment. For example, we have seen the recent introduction of José and his Salsa class, attended by the old guard (Mo, Pat, Pauline and Yolande). I fall to the floor in laughter at sight of Essex lad (from Dagenham, apparently) putting on a strong fake Spanish / Latino accent, to impress the pupils of his class. (Is this a slight dig at JM over of Stamford Bridge?) Unfortunately, I have a feeling that this is the last we will see of dear José. The script writers tend to focus on the storylines that pull in the mass punters and not just the entertaining, comical moments, which make you laugh out loud with the rest of your family. As promised, I grabbed a screenshot from the omnibus, screened this Sunday afternoon on BBC1.

As you know, I am (was) a big fan of Britney Spears. (Based purely on her music talents, of course!) While I have not enjoyed watching her fall from grace, pop princess to rock chick, I still enjoy her music from the middle part of the last decade. Most people know, that my favourite song is “Born To Make You Happy”. Not just for the song, but the fact that when that was in the charts (a number one), I was experiencing the best time of my life. On Wednesday morning, stuck in traffic on the by-pass and hoping that my car would make it the office, I switched to the CD changer and on came the song. The perfect way to cheer me up and get me humming along to the deep meaningful, moving lyrics. I knew the birth of her first child was imminent, but as it transpired, you are the only one within my heart. What next for Spears? Something tells me there is no way that motherhood will make her take a step out of the limelight. Let us just hope it gives the inspiration to go back to best, writing radio friendly pop songs that will be come the soundtrack to my late twenties, just as they have been to my late teenage years.

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