Wednesday 1st December 2004

In an ideal world, I would have started writing a blog/journal/online diary much earlier in life. Thinking about it consciously the best moment would have been the summer of 1999. So much was going on in my life. I had just finished my first year at college, had made a whole new group of friends. I had been working for nearly a year and with this came a sense of some financial freedom. Yet, at the time, I had a rather pathetic excuse for a web site, which did little to reflect my personality or uniqueness as an individual. Suppose I had lost the appetite for computers and the Internet. If you really want to know more, you can a quick trip down memory lane via the Info page. Site history is there somewhere. Therefore in a way to redeem my failing to start blogging, in my late teens, I am constantly in the search for blogs by those of this age group. In February this year, I joined the online community for users of the Blogger service. At the time, I had not used the blogspot account I had created since July 2003, but always felt that in time I would find a use for it. The Blogger Forum, is the place to learn more about the potential of blogging, receive hints from the veterans, advice on templates and guidance on content. However, I saw the opportunity to showcase my blog to a new audience and get some feedback on what I should adjust. One of the initial criticisms was the main font for entries being too small, with many readers having difficult reading, particularly some of the longer entries. This was soon changed with a noticeable change in the appearance of my site. Overall I had positive feedback and was impressed with the friendly and almost family nature of members of the group. Returning to get some advice on templates, I was pointed in the direction of various website to download or gain inspiration from templates. One ideal afternoon, I was searching the forums, looking at blogs when I came across this rather interesting link. Soon added the author to my MSN contact list and enjoyed a quick conversation with him over the weekend. A college student studying his A-Levels, is recording, in my opinion a transitional period of his life. If only that had been me, five years ago. Even if I had started a journal of some description as I started University, I would find myself in a much better position that I am now, I digress. Keeping an eye on the progress on this journal and will seriously consider adding Dave to my blog roll.

I am always on the look out for new blogs, whatever their form, shape, subject matter or polictical stance. Currently the eight blogs listed in my ‘blog roll’ are visited on a daily basis with almost religious conviction. Plenty of space for some more. So please get in touch yith your recommendations.

So a chance for the youngsters to prove themselves at the Theatre of Dreams tonight. Looking forward to the game this evening, there tends to be an air of less expectation on the youth, as they are still learning their trade. We know what the senior squad members are capable of, but with the juniors, it is time to showcase their talent, make a name for themselves and edge themselves into the starting eleven.

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