Movember Again

Last year when I joined the annual Movember movement for the first time, the decision was at the eleventh hour. I decided to join around 30th October, mere days before the start of November. Roll forward twelve months and this year I am better prepared and taking part with fifteen colleagues. Generation donations to “CA […]

Summer Evening At The Races

Believe it or not this was my first time at Royal Windsor Racecourse. My new employers had arranged a social night out and kindly invited me along. (I had been a last minute addition but thankfully they had a few spare spaces.) It bought back memories of going to Newmarket while on placement over ten […]

Fog On The Tyne

I was born in England and have spent all of my life in this green and pleasant land. However, there are still many places I have yet to visit and enjoy. (Do not worry dearest reader, I shall not be breaking into one of the lesser known mid nineties soft rock/pop songs by Elton John). […]