Monday 3rd May 2004

One of the most busiest weekends of my entire University career. My dissertation or what is more commonly refereed to as my Final Year Project is due in tomorrow by 2pm. Must admit that I never thought I would be in such a mess with the deadline less then 24 hours away. This is, therefore just a quick update to the site. I have been extremely busy as you can understand. Hopefully I can find some time in between revision for my exams to add a more comprehensive blog entry. I am working on a commenting system. Trying my best to get to grips with PHP and find a script that works for me.

For the time being, I would like to point you in the direction of one of the more quirky stories to have come to my attention in recent years. Instantly, the thought that springs to my mind is that this could only happen in America. If things became so desperate would you really take refuge in a library? Sleep on three chairs and live out of a locker? Well someone has managed the feat. He has even documented his experience with a blog via Live Journal. Check out his website, Homeless At NYU. A rather strange title, as the Creative Writings major was never truly homeless. I hope he enjoys his 15 minutes and begin to wonder when my 15 minutes will come? Then again, do I really want the mass media attention? The Bobst Boy experience tells me that I would much rather be a nobody than a somebody. The website proclaims him to be a legend of the library, the ‘small town boy’ who has taken on the might of the academic elite. Has the boy done good? I think he regrets making such a public show of what is a meaningless act? Or am I not giving Steve the chance he deserves?

I hope things are going well for you all. If you have exams at the moment, I wish you well. Don’t worry the summer is just around the corner. I have a feeling that this summer is going to be different, special even unique. Let us just hope that the weather meets the expectations of our hearts.

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