Sunday 25th April 2004

Why do holidays pass by so quickly? I am back in Leicester and have a brief (very brief) rest bite before my exams begin in two weeks time. This is it. This is the final countdown. The final hurdle. I feel strange because I have not spent the time thinking about this moment, as I perhaps would have done in the past. Maybe because the moment has arrived in such fashion that it has taken me by surprise. I am looking forward to the end, particularly now as I can see the finish line just ahead.

The author of Something In Between, feels that I need to incorporate a comment system for all my blog entries. I am considering this and will be implementing something hopefully early next month. I am aware that my last entry caused some controversy and many of you wanted to post your opinions. You will be able to very soon. For the time being, my Guestbook, and good old fashioned e-mail will have to suffice. I am always looking out for other blogs to add to my blog roll. Something original and different is best, but I am sure there are blogs out there which could become daily reads.

I recall what I was doing a year ago and how University was far from my mind. I know I have noted how much my placement was more of a low-point that highlight of the recent years. I do not want to give the impression that I am not glad things worked out the way the did. My Dad always says that you have to see the good, even in the bad things that happen, “Maybe It Is A Blessing In Disguise”. It has taken me nearly 5 years to learn, what he meant but I think it was a very important lesson. I tend to be very negative, my blog can be a testament to that. However, I begin to realize that everything does happen for a reason and several things came together for me around this time last year. All in all. I am glad they did. It is only now I begin to appreciate how important that time was for me. I just hope, sincerely hope that in the coming few days other people also remember. Remember the effort that was put in. For the city that would be the UK’s LA. The impression it has left me, means I will be back. Soon. Very soon.

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