Wednesday 14th April 2004

People who know me well, know I am an excessive control freak. I have to hold my destiny in my hands, if I do not have the power to control the outcome of events, I will do my utmost to make sure that they are at least ‘bent’ or rather ‘shaped’ in my favour. But there are times when fate takes over and I just have to give up, to my dismay and let destiny takes it’s course. Letting go is difficult for me, because I hate having to rely on outside forces, external influences. Yes, I know that I have to deal with this reality but at times I do wish I had more power. Then something happens and I wonder at how beautifully all the pieces of the jigsaw fall into place. Once in a while, a song comes along and I have to sit up and listen. Although her debut was something I did note and enjoyed the radio friendly hits from her self titled debut album. I remember hearing her collaboration with So Solid member, Romeo and thinking how catchy the tune was. Even if I had no understanding whatsoever what the song was referring to. Particularly as it was called, “It’s All Gravy”. Released in October 2002, I recall hearing it vividly on the Radio 1 Breakfast Show. The reviews on Amazon will tell you that the featured artist, was under used. My view is that there was a reason for this. A failure of many artists is to give too much too soon. Their debut single and even album provides them with perhaps the needed exposure for their talent. Over the course of the tracks they do little to provide the variety in their creativity and musical experience. This is why so many bands, groups fall at the first hurdle. A note from the editor of Pop Justice several months ago, urged us to download a track called, “Dip It Low”. Taking this advice and knowing full well that they never give poor music advice. I downloaded the track and give it a listen. I was impressed. I was more impressed when I realized who the artist was and how much a change of direction this was for her. I didn’t really think about the song that more after that. I did check on the Top Of The Pops website, to check if the single would be released in the next three weeks. Is was not listed, so I assumed that this was some major early promotion by the record label for the artists return after a couple of years out of the limelight. When I got home, I was watching several of the music video channels on Sky and noticed the video for “Dip It Low” come on? What can I say? Well I am going to say nothing. It is best that you see the video for yourself and enjoy the experience yourself. Some would say it screams of a ‘BeyoncĂ© wannabe’, I tend to disagree. From here, I did various searches via Google to find out more from the fan sites. The official site was well put together but one fan site based in the US had everything I had been looking for. Images, details on forthcoming album and release dates. Armed with this information, I went about trying to obtain various music videos and the album. Having been released in Japan, I knew I would be able to find it somehow. To cut a legally liable story short, I finally obtained the full album yesterday evening. However, I did not have time to listen to the album at all. It was getting late, so I decided that it was best to just increase the bit rate to 192k/bits as is not standard for all audio and be patient. I could wait until tomorrow. I am glad I did. I opened up the album in WinAmp and instantly the second track started playing. I was taken away. My reflex action was to turn the follow you up and to stop what I was doing. I was transported to the 1980s, with the distinct sound of a Janet Jackson number. The chorus was infectious, the whole track arranged in such a way that it makes best use of the vocal range of the artist. I hate to the make the comparisons but this sounds more like Brandy or Ashanti than BeyoncĂ© Knowles. But then perhaps people are basing this more on one video that on an album. All I can say is that, for an album to take All This Time, it definitely has been worth the way for sure.

I watched with great interest the programme on Channel 4 on Monday evening about Boybands. I was disappointed that the programme makers decided not to cover other boybands such as Ultra, OTT and E-Male. Perhaps because they had limited commercial success compared to other boybands. I can now quite openly say which boybands I like, with no guam’s about feeling some what self-conscious. This of course was very different some nine years ago. I remember having a teacher assistant come into our form one afternoon. His name was Mr. Head, which on it’s own would result in the giggles of some of the Year 9 girls but there was more. He openly admitted to going to a Take That concert and was sleekly boasting how much he had enjoyed the show. My friends and me were in fits of laughter wondering why he had made such an admission. Now, here I am, even burning an MP3 CD called, “Pure Pop – The Boys Strike Back!” and enjoying the sugary ballads of Backstreet Boys, Blue and 5ive. I have no problem admitting this. I think there are certain boybands which are clearly acceptable for us, ‘guys’ to like. Is this truly a problem in the 21st century? During my 18th March 2004 update, I mentioned my search for a song. A song that will summarise my time at University. Another potential candidate is ‘So Young’ by The Corrs. Not the original radio edit, which was very good and reached number six in the chart way back in 1998. But the K-Klass Remix which was slightly faster and more upbeat. Not sure if this song will ‘fit the bill’, so I will take suggestions from anyone of you out there. Perhaps you finished University in the past few years and know of a song that I could consider listening to. Let me know via e-mail, I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Indeed things do change, and people come into your life when you least expect it. Friendships come and go. I have painfully come to learn that. Then that someone appears, like a mystery suddenly solved and you begin to realise that maybe I am at the begin of an amazing journey. A journey that I don’t want to end. Things about to change I won’t just give my heart away cuz when I do it’s gonna be forever You’re blowing’ my mind so this might be the last time I fall in L-O-V-E forever

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