Monday 12th April 2004

As I come to the end of University and hence the educational leg of this trip we call life, I do wonder. I wonder what will make the children of tomorrow to take this step and leap into higher education. I recall like yesterday the day, when I ‘knew’ I would be heading to University. It was July 1994, some ten years ago. I was given an award for excellence for my time at my primary school, then Lansdowne County Middle School, now Chepping View. There were around five of us given this award. My headmaster remarked that these would be the people who would be at University in some eight years time. That sealed it for me. All of my elder cousins had gone to University and I had known for many years that it would be going. I suppose it was confirmed for me that afternoon, during that final school assembly and as I left Lansdowne forever. Leaving behind many sweet memories, friends and dreams of joy. So it was with bemusement, I heard the latest attempts of the government to get more young people into university. In a radio advertisement aired around December last year, the Aim Higher market team hit new heights. To appear to be happening, hip and appeal to the ‘yuth’ of today, they scripted the following:

Spokesman:There now follows a message about going to university. (Cough). Word up.
Youth (not impressed):He says he’s got something interesting to tell you.
Spokesman: The mega news is that the darty government posse will help you through uni by shelling out the clam.
Youth: There’s lots of financial help available like loans, grants and help with fees.
Spokesman: You cough up zip till ya minted.
Youth: You won’t pay back a penny of your loan until you’re earning over £15,000 a year.
Spokesman: So peg it man, don’t veg.
Youth: To find out what’s available to you now and the changes proposed for the future call 0800 587 8500 for your free information pack.
Spokesman: Don’t sack it, braw.
Youth: Don’t stop. Aim higher.

To read an article in the row which this advert caused in the commons go to the Education part of the Guardian website.

A quick message to Sam. Thanks for leaving a message on my guestbook. Tried to e-mail you but message was returned to me. Please get in touch via e-mail. Thanks! 😀

Looking at my Audio page, which I had not updated for almost exactly 2 months. It was time to update my MP3 database. Not a dramatic update, as I have only increased the total number of songs by 30. The main increase has been in the albums department, where I am just 10 shy from 200! Also, I have been cleaning up my MP3s and removing songs that I rarely listen to and seasonal favourites, which also have been archived away onto CD-Rw. I know many of you may be concerned with the recent move of legal action being taken against Peer-to-Peer sharers in Europe. It appears that the record labels are going to go after people who share an excessive amount of copyrighted material. Not sure how I should approach this situation. All the audio listed on my audio pages has been ‘obtained’ from various sources, but I do not share any of the material. I know that does break the whole philosophy behind peer-to-peer networks. That is not to say I’m a self centered and selfish individual, if anyone contacts me requesting any material, I am more than happy to trade or in some case give them what they desire. Not sure how I should plead my case when the lawyers come knocking. Then again, will they? Ignorance is no defense, but then perhaps I could make the case that I have all this audio in CD or tape format? Didn’t think so! :S

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