Sunday 11th April 2004

A difficult week for me as an Arsenal fan. Particularly when so many of my friends are ‘ManYoo’ fans! However, I am a strong believer that we need to be taken to a point of great despair, to realise how important everything else is. To put the rest of our lives into perspective. This then gives us the determination to succeed. I know, I can apply this to more than just a mere football game but I feel it needs to be considered. Sky Sports, always have shown a match on Good Friday, as part of their bumper Easter Bank Holiday weekend of sport. Not this year. So I had to be contented with the web updates. I logged onto Football365, hoping to be greeted with some good news. Instead, there was the photo of a jubilant Owen, having taken Liverpool into the lead. Could my week get any worse? For a good few minutes, I fell into a stupor, convinced that was the final score. I then, seeking further confirmation went onto the comprehensive BBC Football site, looking for the full match report. To my joy, Arsenal were leading 3-2, with two great goals from Henry. Instantly I switched on the digital satelite radio on Sky and tuned into the live commentary on BBC Radio Five Live. A few minutes of listening and Henry secured his hat trick and I leapt for joy! Fantastic! What is said in the dressing room, should stay in the dressing room. However, this was one of the few occasions when I would have loved to have heard what Arsene Wenger had said to the boys. Personally, it must have been something along the lines of, “How much do you really want this?”. When you are staring defeat in the face and are on the edge of both your emotional and mental state, you begin to realise something. That something is how much you really want something and how much you are willing to fight for it. It is therefore true, that you learn more from defeat than you do from victory. So, ultimately defeat builds champions.

Been a busy past few days, had loads to do and loads to sort out. The holidays are flying by and I’ve not made much progress with my work. Being back home does have it’s benefits but it also does have it’s drawbacks. Getting an even balance is difficult. Why do I have the worse luck when it comes to my cars? Having just had the vehicle cleaned, I parked it for apart an hour 2 minutes away from my house. Then, as I headed off on Friday evening I was enjoying the sunset and did not notice the graffiti until I stopped at the lights on Handy Cross roundabout. Some ‘kid’ had scribbled, “Helen Is…”. I was annoyed by this, but taken aback by the ingenuity of the individual to write backwards, to the text appeared correctly in my mirror.

Looking forward to the Arsenal game this afternoon, hopefully three points will secure the title for us. Then again even a point is not a complete disaster. Much reports, analysis and general feedback will of course be provided by the infamous, Arse Blogger. Let us hope he has something to cheer about with his next entry.

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