A Blue Chip Employer

Good things come to those who wait? Does that mean I was just getting impatient? Today was the start of a new chapter in my life and I was looking forward to one thing only, the return to normality, the sense of a routine. Something I have always craved. It felt rather strange to be […]

The Comeback

Even if you consider my job as a local supermarket as just a temporary blip on my resume, my unemployment period has been short (considering the current economical climate). It was 108 days from the 9th October (my last day at my previous full time employer) to the start date with my new employer (which […]

News You Least Expect

The problem with job hunting in the current age and perhaps more so in the current financial climate is that you rarely get feedback. Most jobs listed on various job sites clearly state that if you do not hear back from the ABC Recruitment agency within three days you have been unsuccessful. It is a […]

Friday 4th December 2009

Under normal circumstances I would not have taken the call during Eastenders. It is my one show that has a blanket ban on telephone conversations, I refuse to answer both my mobile or landline. The reason I did, was because I had been expecting a call from an agent, Sam but his e-mail on Monday […]

No Fond, But Farewell

It is strange when you build up to a moment in the short term, in the case here, the arrival of today. Yet, it does not quite live up to the expectation. Although for a change my expectations were low, I just wanted the afternoon to come around so I could leave. Not a fantastic […]

Friday 26th September 2008

It had to happen at some point and personally I’m surprised it took as long as nineteen working days into my job. On Thursday morning, as I drove up the A404 (when it magically transforms from being just a normal A-road into a dual carriage motorway), the A404(M), I saw the following message displayed on […]

Friday 5th September 2008

I will start my post as I always do at this time of year. September is my favourite month, but perhaps this year for more reasons than most. So much to cover and the fact that my previous post took so long to write up meant I have only just had a chance to sit […]