The Comeback

Even if you consider my job as a local supermarket as just a temporary blip on my resume, my unemployment period has been short (considering the current economical climate). It was 108 days from the 9th October (my last day at my previous full time employer) to the start date with my new employer (which is tomorrow), but if you prefer some alternative units. Here you go – 3 months, 16 days or 9,331,200 seconds or 155,520 minutes or 2592 hours or 15 weeks (rounded down). So what have my achievements been in that time. Well the main highlight would have been converting my blog from raw HTML into WordPress but that to date has been incomplete. The first major surgery to my website since October 2003. At this current stage I am still converting from the early summer of 2004. It is much more difficult task than you would imagine. Sure, it is just a cut and paste job but then all the text has to be re-aligned and then all internal blog links upgrade. This is the reason I decided to work reverse chronologically to ensure the full history (going back all the way to 2002) was included, so that links from more recent entries would work. All I can say is bear with me while I complete this process. It is going to take some time and the original blog ( will remain active until I have finally transfered everything across to the WordPress system.

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