News You Least Expect

The problem with job hunting in the current age and perhaps more so in the current financial climate is that you rarely get feedback. Most jobs listed on various job sites clearly state that if you do not hear back from the ABC Recruitment agency within three days you have been unsuccessful. It is a shame, because after making the effort to apply and fill in various application forms and questions, you would at least expect some recognition. Even if it is just a faceless, nameless auto response e-mail. I had a really bad day, even by my extremely poor recent standards. I was woken up early to take my sister and Mum to to their schools but in the end, as the roads were clear my Mum ended up driving her self and dropping me at the top of the estate to make my own way back. I sat on the sofa, watching BBC Breakfast but felt a headache coming on and just disappeared back into my bed. Hoping that maybe an hour or two of sleep I would be able to pick up the pieces of the day. I woke up around 2pm and after having some food, jumped on my computer to find an e-mail. It was not the news I had come accustomed to received via this medium. I suppose that put me off my guard. I expected a telephone call. It was good news, but I had expected bad because of the long delay in the response. I had attended the interview at the top of the year. My dearest friend Sippy had even left a great response to my initial Tweet with some comforting words of encouragment. It worked, because I got offered the job and although perhaps I should have just accepted it straight away, I had another possible opportunity to consider. In any case, it was like a bolt of lightning for me. Tomorrow I am going to get loads done, I am going to get my haircut, join the gym and get everything prepared. It feels like I have been a a dormant animal of late and I am finally coming out of hibernation. To a person that thrives on routine and having something to do, I am looking forward to being able to get up on a Monday morning and have a place to be and something to do. It has been a long long time.

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