No Fond, But Farewell

It is strange when you build up to a moment in the short term, in the case here, the arrival of today. Yet, it does not quite live up to the expectation. Although for a change my expectations were low, I just wanted the afternoon to come around so I could leave. Not a fantastic thing to say and publise on my blog but I would rather be brutally honest. The last few months have been far from fun and when the writing is on the wall you have to face the truth. The moment I was waiting for finally arrived at 3pm in the afternoon (almost on the dot). I walked out the front entrance and looked up to the heavens. That was a chapter of my life over and only now, as I walked back to my flat and considered everything that I was leaving behind, could I truly reflect on the past year, month and day. Yes a sense of poetic justice, if you can call it that. I started on 08/09/08 and ended my tenure on 09/10/09, one additional digit for each calendar domination. Back at the flat I spent a little time chasing up options on jobs before then heading back out to meet my friends for drinks. It was a double celebration, I was leaving but it was Lee’s birthday tomorrow. We were originally going to to The Pig & Paper but it was closed, so we headed to The Lion, opposite the office. We did not get there until 5.30pm, as I had walked back to Victoria Gardens with Lee to drop off a computer game before going back into town to go to the cash point. In the pub it was the usual crowd out and after a drink I gave Lee a game of pool. He won the first game but in the second, I won by default, without potting a single ball. Lee had to capture the moment, as he had cleared the red balls but then potted the white ball (straight after the black!)

Default Win

We then went into doubles, with Lee and myself versus Gaz and Fran. After two rounds, I gave up and let Robin play with Lee and played spectator. James and the rest of the gang arrived a little later (after they had attended the Friday evening spin class). People were getting hungry at this stage and they headed off towards The Queen’s Hotel in the Market Square, while I headed in the opposite direction to my flat. It was my last night in Newbury, how was I going to spend my time? Catching up with the latest happenings in Albert Square of course and then perhaps Jonathan Ross.

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