Back In Time

Unsure exactly when but at some point in the past decade I stopped wearing a watch. Sure, I still wear a watch on special occasions but in the office, I could rely solely upon my smartphone. Once you are in a routine, there is little need for a watch, the time is on your computer screen and you have a vague idea of which point in the day you are at (if away from screen and phone). Morning, nearly lunch, afternoon lull or nearly home time. However, I had a need to be precise. I needed to go back. Back in time. I decided upon the impromptu purchase of the classic Casio.

Feels strange to have the time piece (Casio AE1300WH) on my left wrist throughout the day. Most useful during my time in the gym to calculate breaks between reps. Although I have started to use an interval timer app on my smartphone. Setting a timer when food is in the oven is where the watch has been a god send. I always forget to set the countdown timer on my phone. This is though, just like most things in my life, only temporary until I make the long standing purchase of a smart watch. Although the wait continues, I do not think the one I want to buy has been invented just yet.

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