Childhood Memories

This week I was described as an expert in pop culture. While to a certain extent, I agree I try my best to keep my finger on the pulse, many things pass even me by. Although much of this is due to the fact of getting old and caring less. One of the many developments from the proliferation of the internet has been breaking down barriers. The ultimate democracy of in absolutely almost everything. If you consider yourself with a unique hobby, rest assured there is the perfect group of individuals as kindred spirits, perhaps down the road, or even the other side of the planet. If you seek out somebody who loves Tom Cruise, believes Timothy Dalton is the best 007 and BTTF is the best trilogy of all time, you easily can find them with little effort. The world has changed significantly in thirty years and the children aged eight in 2015, live very different lives to the one I lived in 1989. Perhaps we will always look back with nostalgic rose-tinted spectacles but nothing can escape the feeling inside. The happiness and pleasure of simple things, which were not necessarily expensive.

October 21st crept up on me personally out of nowhere, sure I recall the date of course, as a diehard fan of Robert Lee Zemeckis’ hit movie franchise. I knew that Universal would capitalize on the date by releasing a special 30th-anniversary edition on Blu-Ray. (I had already been sent a reminder by Amazon, as you would expect) Perhaps a fortnight earlier I noticed the ITV ad for Keith Lemon’s BTTF tribute, which would air on ITV2 on the date, sandwiched in between screenings of the full trilogy. My office had decided to put on a BTTF day and we were able to dress up of any characters past or present – rather than just the movie, which gives you a couple of staple characters. (Who would venture outside of Doc or Marty, let us be honest!) I tried my best to dress as Marty McFly but it was a poor effort, given the lack of time spent on preparation (items begged, stolen and borrowed the night before).


Of course when you have superfans of such an iconic set of films that made Michael J. Fox the biggest star in Hollywood and cemented the places of director and producer, as well that moving score by Alan Silvestri (probably my second favourite Hollywood composer after the legend John Williams). The day was going to be rather hectic, even if you get some smugness from people like Diamond Geezer.

When David Cameron joins the bandwagon, during PMQs you know the day is done as far as pop culture is concerned. We have jumped the shark, time to go home. I kept a loose eye on The Guardian liveblog, which had started down under, in the early hours. However the day soon became a fight between which international brand can make the most from a tie-up with a highly successful movie franchise. Either by quoting film dialogue somehow associated to their product line. Or in the case of the police reminding of citizens to stick to the speed limit or suffer the consequences. Mashable put together a list of the best and worse offenders.

As I had been to the gym after work, I caught a small glimpse of the first movie before watching the full start of BTTF II including all scenes up to the trip back to Alternate 1985. We then decided to switch over and watch The Apprentice but being such a fan, I have the films on DVD, so can watch any time. I would catch the Keith Lemon tribute later in the evening. Rather disappointing to be honest, now I know Keith is a big big fan of the franchise, he could have done a better job covering the movie which has grown to have a life beyond the three movies, rather than film chaotic set pieces (which were far from funny or entertaining) from the original movie (nothing from Part II or III) which felt nothing but filler for rather lame interviews with key members of the cast and crew. Such a wasted opportunity, particularly as he was able to gain access to co-creator Bob Gale among others including original Jennifer Parker – Claudia Wells (Lea Thompson and Christopher Lloyd appeared in prerecorded segments). Being a diehard fan, I shall archive this abomination onto DVD for future generations to appreciate how little television had improved over thirty years. Will they forgive us?

Of all the various nickels of information released during the day, including the original cast list options for Doc Brown, my favourite event was captured in a tweet by Michael J Fox, as he received from Tinker the official Nike Air Mag self lacing shoes on the day.


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