Unmasking DG

Been a daily reader of the fantastic Diamond Geezer blog for over a decade. I stumbled on the daily East London-based diary from a link on ArseBlog way back in February 2003 and discovered he was doing a Count. Based on the famous Seasme Street character – Count von Count. I have the utmost respect… Read More »

Silly Season

August is a strange month of the year. With the height of holiday season, work takes on a dramatically different outlook. Many people are on holiday and countries around Europe effectively shut down for a minimum of two weeks, majority for the entire month. The office becomes a ghost town, with many people away, particularly… Read More »

Terminator Genisys

While it probably ranks up there as one of the greatest movies from the early 1990s, the Terminator franchise has probably been long forgotten. Particularly after recent epic blockbusters from other studios, catering for the fashionable trend for superheroes big of small. You know you are getting old, when it feels longer than seven years… Read More »

Size Everything Is Not

Few people will admit to singing along to music in the car. Far fewer will decide to share this on a public forum to a potential global audience. As you have probably guessed by now, I am not like other guys! Although my commute is now a mere four miles, that gives little time to… Read More »

Unwatched Television Shows

While you may believe I am a television addict and I would not disagree by any stretch of the imagination. The fact remains however that I am very selective on the television shows I do watch and generally tend not to watch the most popular shows. Such as the revelation that, I have never seen… Read More »