Tuesday 27th July 2004

Planning and management is important. Even for some of the straightforward of tasks, you would think that a small degree of thought would go a long way. In my personal experience, this is never the case. Although I forever, dream of that Hannibal moment. I am forever waiting for the moment to say, “I love it when a plan comes together“. Everything always appears painless in theory but becomes much more complicated in practice. It is also strange how the ideas you have can, may initially sound fantastic, refreshing and fully workable. Then, a few hours later, they appear completely stupid. Am I the only person to notice this pattern? Or shall I stop making such insignificant observations?

Passing comments, which appear quite harmless and unworthy at the time they are made. However, they stick with you for days, even weeks on end. Does this happen to you? It has happened to me, as long as I can remember. A comment is made, in a situation which appears quite friendly and trusting. Often accused of looking far too deep into things (and I am not alone, this one comment can later surface, and be played on constant repeat in my head. Usually on the way home. A case in point, is yesterday afternoon. A colleague made the idle comment, “let someone walk over you once, they will be doing it for the rest of your life…”. Taking this out of context means, it lacks any specific meaning. Not wishing to explain, in any detail the circumstances surrounding this conclusion, I shall say only a few words. Yes, the advice was dispelled to me. Something said in jest, which I frankly took as a joke, was misinterpreted by others as a possible example of verbal abuse. I rewinded the moment and played it back, as I drifted off to sleep on the train home. Was I really allowing myself to be used in such a way? I think not. But the comment had sprung out from somewhere and there was a need to evaluate, no only the situation, but my own policy, should such an occasion present itself again. My conclusion? We only let people walk all over us, if they know they can get away with it. If they are aware that all everyone has a limit and that eventually, giving an inch and taking a mile. You will run out of road. The moral of the story is of course, to never let anyone use you as a doormat. I agree, but I think sometimes, we need to know our place. There are times, when being used as a doormat, is acceptable, and at other times, when people begin taking your good human nature, for a ride. When you really need to start considering who are your true friends and enemies.

What is the true power of MP3? No, I am not talking about the taking on the capitalist greed of the major record labels. I am not even talking about the ability to share your music collection with a great number of people. I am talking about being exposed to new genres of music. New artists and sounds, which without the digital music format, you would never have heard. I commented on this topic, in detail in my entry from April 2003. Greg, a colleague, who also works on the support desk, started work a week before I did. I pointed him the direction of my website, and he eagerly download my mp3 database. After converted it to a ‘print friendly format’, he scanned the listing. Far down the list, he came across a collection of three songs by an American band, exclaiming that they were a ‘great band’. I agreed. To my surprise, he commented on how, I was the first person in the UK to share his appreciation for the Gainesville, Florida group. My reply, was to explain, what I have already explained to my regular readers. Sister Hazel have their own very distinct and unique signature sound. Instantly recognizable as, from any of their tracks, no matter how obscure, that this is ‘that’ group. Very few bands ever achieve such unique radio friendly status, Duran Duran comes to mind as having successfully achieved the uphill task. Looking on his iPod, he showed me the few albums he had, and there was a pause. I had to ask for them on CD. Consider it done. It was. I now have a full CD, with an assortment of albums, including a live selection of tracks. Also, taking on Greg’s recommendation, he included, material from Matchbox 20. A band, I was sure to like, if I liked the type of music that Sister Hazel produced. Although I have not listened to many of the tracks, I know that they are a band, I will enjoy listening to. Right, now where is that old, portable CD player?

I have not seen Thunderbirds, yet! I was hoping to catch it on Sunday evening, but unfortunately the early evening showing was booked. I will try and catch it this coming weekend. A confession if I may. I am looking forward to more, taking a step back into my childhood more than anything else, when I step into the dark theatre screen. Twelve again, for two hours! Yes please! But reality sets in and my dream world comes tumbling down. I am not on summer holiday and I have work to go to in the morning. Next time, next time the dream will last forever. – taking a giant leap back into my childhood. Do I have to leave the cinema? For the fantasy that is born there, shall live with me forever, but the reality that arrives, the second you walk out of the cinema screen. Do we ever, escape our childhood? I don’t think so, but then there must come a point when our childhood becomes less important. I remember, during my placement, a colleague, said to me that they no longer remember anything from their school days or anything beyond their early twenties. “All that doesn’t matter, anymore, Andrew”, I was sturdily told. But if that is the case, then what actually matters?

It is getting late, I really want to get a good nights sleep. The next entry will include my obsession, with Pure Pop! New music from Twen2y4Se7en and a Royal chance meeting. I wish I could include these topics now, but I just do not have the time, so you will have to wait for my next instalment, later in the week.

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