Friday 23rd July 2004

Can you predict the future? I cannot and make no false claims to be able to do so. Let us make that small fact, quite clear from the offset. (It is pure coincidence, that my recent discussion on instant messenger, appears again, in the context of blogging on Diamond Geezer.) However, I can always take an educated stab in the dark, to picture together how small pieces of tomorrow’s jigsaw will appear. How they all fall together, that is anyone’s guess. We can all be forgiven for sometimes, taking a step into the dark side. For playing Devil’s advocate and even talking of the devil. On my many bus journeys home, my mind drifts from the present and even future and skips dreamily into my past. A friend. A thought popped into my mind. When would I see her again? It was not the case that she was one of my close friend’s at primary school. Nevertheless, someone I knew, and would always speak to. Why had I thought of her at this moment time. An idle Tuesday evening, on the 326 bus. My mind was not playing tricks on me. It was warning me. A premonition, if you may. When was the last time I saw Elaine? It was in 1999, on the 329 bus from college to home. The final stop in Marlow before the diesel engine sputters the dated chassis up the hill Wycombe. On Thursday evening, I was boarding my usual 17:45 train home and I entered the carriage as normal, taking a window seat, need the middle of the coach. As I took of my jacket, with my body struggling to adjust to the swealtering heat and humidity. I looked up to see, beyond the visions of my own dreams, Elaine board the train. Now, I am not one to believe in such things occurring. Not like this. Destiny is all conquering and we are mere mortals, in the way of such a menancing force. To think a thought one day, then for the next day, that person, to be brought to you. In such a way. It cannot be true. What are the chance? This particular train is one of the busiest and the chances of two old school friends picking exactly the same section of the same coach is unbelievable. I was going to let the moment pass. Pass up the opportunity to speak to my old friend. Ten years had passed by. Ten long years, since we had left Lansdowne County Middle School. Such are the mysteries of fate that they are a rule to themselves. It was exactly to the day, since we had broken up for our last summer holidays. September 1994, bought with it, the horror of the big school. The last school. The secondary school. I knew if I did not, at least say hello, I would forever regret this golden opportunity. Would I ever get this chance again? No, such opportunities arrive once in a lifetime. It was not until the end of the forty minute train journey, that I was finally able to gather my thoughts, and recover from the shock to surprise Elaine as she disembarked the train. I had ten minutes. I had to use them wisely. After explaining what I was doing now, I attempted to throw the names of some old classmates into the hat. To little effect. Names remain faceless, without a picture or a memory. Will we be back in touch soon? I will try, for the moment came to past quicker than I had ever imagined. Did she release the great that had just come to pass? I doubt it, for it was all a case of coincidence. For me, it was much more than that. Strangers on the train. Leave, as they boarded, knowing that little bit less, but feeling that much bit more.

As you may be aware, I have long been campaigning for a blog. Well not any old blog. The blog. The blog that should co-exist with mine. If my blog was the Sun, then this blog would be the Moon. Nobody knows how it happened. There are some strange theories. But then, although I am not talking about the big bang. But this subconscious decision has completely changed my internet experience. The decision to start blogging. Sibtain started, in March 2003, the same time at which I finally began labeling my online journal, as a blog. The tube is full of advertising, as you will be aware. There is however one small bill board that caught my eye, several weeks ago. Any Questions Answered, does exactly what it claims. No fancy buzz words here, no new shiny technology. No gimmicks (or is it a gimmick in itself?) Want an answer to a question? Text in to their special number and an answer will be provided. Anything can be asked, from “Who will win the Coca Cola Championship, next season?” Do more embarrassing questions, when your mother or other domestic help is unavailable, “How do I get chewing gum off my Levi 501s?”. I was tempted to text in, “When will Sippy’s blog be up?” Should I really waste £1 (plus my standard text rate) on such a silly question. When I know the answer already? The answer is simple. When Sippy gets time. After several weeks away, the out-dated coming soon page has reappeared at the above domain. When will we see a finished product?

Jim Branning, has been literally stealing the show on Eastenders in recent weeks. If you know one thing about me, is that of all the things I cannot miss on television, the BBC soap opera, is that show. Anyway, the classic line from Thursday’s installment, “Hello, Patrick Truman’s bachelor residence!”. Maybe I am the only person who found that hilarious at the time (well twice, I watched it again on BBC Three later that same evening. A line from last week included Jim calling Ian, “Ironside”. 🙂

After waiting over seven months, I only got a small taste of a music video. In December, I uncovered the identity of the track which had been playing on the BBC trails of the Asian Network. Dr. Zeus featuring Master Rakesh – Kagna, was the name of the track. B4U Music played a medley of songs from the album, ‘Under Da Influence’, including a brief snip of the aforementioned video. Shame, after such a long wait, I was quite disappointed. I suppose, when you have a dance floor filler in such vain, you expect much more money to be thrown at it. Never mind. It was never going to be enough, was it?

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