Sunday 11th May 2003

People often ask me about my tastes in music and who my favourite artists are and which music genre’s I prefer to listen to. This is a extremely difficult question to answer. I purely base this on my mood, there are times, I enjoy my heavy trance (not too heavy mind!) and then there are times for some soulful classics from the 60s. If you were to base it on my now, “world-famous MP3 collection”, the most popular artist, is or rather are, the fantastic Temptations, with no less than 21 tracks is my collection. And although, I have listened to the majority of 2300 plus songs in my collection, there are always surprises, and I have to at times, double-check: “Did I really download that?” Audio page updated, with the HTML versions of my database updated also. Talking of music, a topic which is often debated, is the cover version. My own personal view on this is on my music page. However, there are some exceptions, particularly as I have noticed, Jennifer Ellision has done a cover of the Transvision Vamp classic rock song, “Baby, I Don’t Care”, having seen the video on Flaunt (from one of the many new Music channels on Sky Digital) I have to admit, its not a great cover, not an amazing original video, but then the jump from soap star (“Brookside”) to the pop world, is such a mountain to climb, and only some specially talent artists can climb. Kylie Minogue, must be the most successful to do so. Long live Peter Waterman and his “Pop Factory”. But do you really think that the pop fat cat, risked everything with Stock, Aitkin and Waterman, to push Kylie into the pop world? Indeed, we shall see how successful, young Miss Ellision fray in the pop world is… Not much to report really, extremely busy, as always and forever trying to get 328494929 things done within a extremely tight deadline. We will of course, perservere!

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