Wednesday 7th May 2003

Just a minor update, to a few pages and few tweaks, here and there. I’ll spend some more time on the site, over the weekend.

I just thought, I would let everyone know that as an Arsenal fan, its quite a grim time for me, particularly, with some pleasantly arrogant colleagues, whom just happen to support Manchester United.

Music news – I’ve been rinsing the Club Mix MP3 CD (v2) (Yes I did go back to the drawing board and create version 2) Have found yet another song, which will continue to be an anthem for the remainder of the week. Plummet – Damaged. The song has two videos, the one shown on the MTV channels has two mannequins, on opposite sides of a high street, coming ‘alive’ and going out for a meal together. While the tamer video, shown on Chart Show TV, has twins of Chinese origin, finding each other, holding balloons and also a young toddler. Very strange indeed! But hay, the music video continues to be an art form. Its just a shame that there are those artists, whom make it a theatrical experience, and others, whom budget on a shoe-string and still produce an amazing concept. The Q Mixes, are also going down well, with Michael Jackson – Bad versus Ray Parker Junior – Ghostbusters, really taking me back to the great 80s. All I need to do now is shout out, “Turbo Boost, KITT” and hope my car kicks the turbo in….

I have found out that comes up for a renewal on 22nd November 2003. (How ironic, the day before my birthday!) I may put in a bid, if it is available. Its a shame, I may loose my national identity, which I have with this site, as a but .net is in, and I hate the hyphens in-between my name in my current URL. I may even go the full distance and but in a bid for and take it away from the The Electronics Group Bulletin Board.

Anyways, have fun, I’ll update again at the weekend.

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