Saturday 18th January 2003

Number Five in the Official UK Top 40 singles chart, and the second highest new entry! Well at least Electric 6 didn’t make it to that coveted number one spot! Now, of course there will be some of you who say, that only just getting into the Top 5 is a poor result. But for a debut release, its high admirable achievement. Now, this being the first single I had purchased since December 2001, I had to compare how this matched my last single’s chart position. Indeed, Chesney Hawkes’ comeback single reached the dizzy heights of 74 on Sunday 6th January 2002. Not breaking into the Top 40 is the responsibility of the record label, Arc Records not marketing their star, and more importantly single release prominently, leading up to the end of December 2001. I do recall, a PA from the record company, making a desperate plead, through Chesney’s official website. This was urging ‘true Chesney’ fans to buy at least 5 singles and give them away to friends and family, in order to get the single higher in the chart. This is not ‘gentlemanly’ conduct of a record label. If you don’t like the song, you won’t buy the single and no-one should impose their musical tastes on others! However, it must be difficult time to release a single, as advertising shifts from Christmas, to the January sales.

If you were watching Eastenders closely enough on Monday 13th January (either at 8pm on BBC One, or 10pm on BBC Choice) you may have noticed someone quite familiar, in a very different role. No, I’m not talking about Shane Ritchie. Who was the Walford Gazette photographer? Well, lets go back some 9 years. It’s the summer of 1994. A very special year, a World Cup year! The biggest international tournament in the world, took place in the big U S of A! I was in the ‘no man’s land’ of summer. But this summer was different, because I had just finished my primary school education, and was off to the big wide world of the sunny secondary school. The song of the time was very much, “Crazy for You” by the three piece, Let Loose. Well, the drummer, Lee appeared in Eastenders, and was the mystery photographer! Let Loose, only released 3 albums, including a best of album in 1997 and soon went their separate ways. They were produced by 80s legend, Nik Kershaw, who also wrote their second biggest hit, “Seventeen” and also played keyboards on that track! Their other more memorable hits include: “Best In Me”, “Everybody Say, Everybody Do” and the cover of the Bread classic, “Make It With You”.

I apologise for not updating the site for over a week! I have been extremely busy at work, this past fortnight. However, I think I should be resuming ‘normal service’ from this week onwards.

On Sunday (12th) evening, I went to see Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers, at the Odeon Aylesbury. Odeon have never been my favourite cinema brand, I much prefer Warner Village cinemas. However, I was pleasantly surprised, and it being a Sunday evening, the auditorium was far from full. I enjoyed the film, especially the wonderful landscape scenery, which is beautifully shot and rendered onto the cinema screen. Tempted to even, go and read the novel. However, then I discovered that there are 126 mistakes, as spotted by the many movie buffs. However, I think this is a growing tread. People going to the cinema with the sole objective to discover how many mistakes they can spot and not actually play any attention to the story that is unfolding before their eyes. The website which has highlighted this, and feed the ‘hungry beast’ is Movie Mistakes. Check it out, most popular films are listed, with key trivia, such as which cameo’s to look out for!

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