Sunday 19th January 2003

Funny how dramatically things can change for you over the course of a weekend. On Friday, there is the promise that a weekend can bring. By Saturday, all your plans have fallen by the way-side and you are in a really bad mood, perhaps by the circumstances far beyond your control. Yet by the close of the weekend, your on a high. Again, this is a mixture of results going your way, the conversations you have with people, and your general outlook has shifted, positively. Amazing, what 48 hours to yourself can do for the soul.

The weekend started with me watching, Erasure’s fantastic cover of Peter Gabriel’s – “Solisbury Hill” on TOTP and ended to the confident sound of Usher with “Pop Ya Collar”!

Not much of an update, I’m afraid! Just an update of my MP3 collection. Over 2100 songs now and growing on a weekly basis! 🙂

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