Thursday 23rd January 2003

This was the week, that Mr. Huw Edwards, started to anchor the BBC 10 o’ Clock News. The Beeb’s new, maverick risk taker! The filler, which was shown painstakingly on the BBC programmes, where he proclaimed himself as living on the edge in the news studio, throwing the script back at his producers! Wow! How exciting!

Having heard, Erasure make a fantastic come back with the cover, “Solisbury Hill”, I have re-discovered how great a band they are / were in the late 80s and early 90s! I recall how synthetic-pop was such an influence in the pop charts back then!

MP3 database (excel sheet updated!)

Life generally, is very good! Work is going well and indeed so is everything else! Looking forward to every day and facing the challenges that lie before me! Take care for now.

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