Sunday 26th January 2003

Another weekend comes, to a conclusion as does another month! Looking back, the month started with an optimism that all January’s have! Its a new year, a new start and we wake up with a new outlook! However, a few days into 2003, I received some, startling news! However, this was only a minor blip, in the proceedings! However, I feel, for the messenger, this news was of far far more importance! Perhaps even life-changing!

Great FA Cup 4th Round this weekend! Arsenal (as expected!) battered Farnborough Town 5-1 on yesterday. However, I still haven’t seen the goals! Oh well, I’ll have to wait for later this afternoon when the live matches are shown!

Talking of football, or soccer (as it as internationally known!) Who said the American’s can’t play? I think we were all proved wrong, during the World Cup! I remember, walking up early (7.25am, kick off) to watch that game in question and the ‘pundits’ on the BBC not even discussing the opposition playing Portugal. They soon had egg on their faces, with the US, 3-1 up at half-time! One of the hero’s from that day in June, was Brian McBride and he now graces the legendary corridors of Goodison Park. If only on loan until 1st April, when he will be back at his native America and playing for Columbus Crew in the MLS (Major League Soccer)

In terms of current music track, on continuous repeat! Well I am listening to 3rd Edge – “Know You Wanna”, which has grown on me significantly during the course of the week! So, does this entire RnB MP3 CD (doesn’t that just sound soooo cool!) which I burnt earlier in the week! Another song that is growing on me, is Sarah Whatmore’s second single, “Automatic”. It borrows a similar sound to Mrs. Jennifer Afleck (or soon to be!) However it has the edge, raw sound that I feel that Girls Aloud are going for, but haven’t yet been able to achieve! Also, when you see the video, you will ask yourself the question – “Is this really Sarah?”

So we head into February next weekend! Looking forward to the Cricket World Cup and also, England playing Australia at football and showing them how its played! 🙂

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