Sunday 2nd February 2003

February already, where has the time gone? Well most of the past week’s time has been spent stranded on the M1 motorway! There are currently major roadworks between Aylesbury and Wing. Therefore, for the next four weeks, I will be taking the motorway route when traveling to and from work! Having had this ‘journey’ forced upon me, I tired to make the most of the situation. However, lady luck was not on my side! On Monday 27th January, I left work, slightly later than usual and didn’t get onto the M1 J13 (southbound) until nearly 6pm. This was to be a decision that I would later regret! By the time I hit the major traffic on the motorway, it was gone 6pm and I was nearer junction 11. The radio provided me with detailed information on the earliest time that the motorway up ahead was to reopen and for the rest of my journey to be completed within a reasonable time. This estimated time changed from 7.30pm, to 9.15pm. However, this was not a major problem. Once this build up of traffic cleared, I was back on the motorway and making good time, as I headed off at junction 8.

On Thursday 30th January, I was advised to leave work early, as it had begun snowing heavily in Bedford. I still only left Kempston at 5pm and didn’t get onto the M1 until 5.30pm. If only I knew the journey that lay ahead of me! I didn’t get off the motorway until 2am. So I spent nearly 10 hours on the motorway, taking hours to move just a handful of miles! I didn’t get home until 3am! It’s at times like these, that you wonder how this country (which once had an empire on which the sun never set!) copes with anything these days! A small well reported snow shower and the country comes to a stand still! And countries on the continent, such as Austria and Italy, who deal with theses situations on a much more frequent occurrence can have their entire road network, back up and running within 30 minutes?

Back to my website. A few updates but nothing major, too busy trying to get other things sorted! Will try and update during the week if I can! Looking forward to the Michael Jackson interview on ITV1, tomorrow evening at 9pm!

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