Saturday 15th February 2003

I would normally apologise profusely for my lack of updates to my website. However, I will not. It will take far too much time, and there is so much I have to tell you. So much has been going on in my world, and the world around us that there is no time for the formal dignitaries. Instead, let us jump straight to the topics….

Michael Jackson revealing to the world, his lifestyle as one of the richest pop stars in the world. Being a big fan of the ‘King of Pop’, I was at first, moved by the story as it unfolded on ITV1 on Monday 3rd February. Referencing his early years, as his ‘childhood’, I feel is unjust. He lives a lifestyle, the rest of us can only dream of, but at what price did he achieve this success? With his father, pushing the five sons, into making sure each performance was ‘perfect’. But you feeling of sympathy, or rather empathy takes a dramatic change when you carefully note his behaviour with children, his own and others. I’m a strong believer that when you have already been massacred in the press for ‘alleged’ child abuse, you do not put yourself in a similar position ever again. Because, as always, once bitten twice shy! It becomes very easy then for the ‘gutter press’ to assassinate our fallen hero, but perhaps to a certain extent his is responsible for creating this aura around himself! How can I use the adjective, hero? Well, it may be difficult for us in the Western world to understand but Michael Jackson is in a small group of individual whom have the ability to touch the hearts and souls of billions of people around the world. In India, my motherland, you find it difficult to find words to describe how such icons are worshipped by these peasants, who have nothing. They have no aspirations, they have no desire to move up in the world, their lives are molded for them, and they do their best to get on with the life they have been given.

No matter what you say about Michael Jackson, you cannot dispute pure talent and genius. The world shall never see such a human being capable, of floating on the stage, and moving in such away that it appears that he is walking on water……

Football – Champions League resumes after the winter break this week! Looking forward to it with great anticipation now, especially since Arsenal, have recently been playing some sexy football. Top of the Premiership, and only this afternoon knocking arch title rivals, Manchester United out of the FA Cup. The least said about England’s diabolical performance against Australia at Upton Park on Wednesday 11th February. We were lucky to get away with result that did little to flatter the English pride, already quite hurt by defeats in other sports. So is this final nail in the coffin? England, who gave the world – football, rugby, tennis and cricket, find they are no longer masters of the sports they created?

A big belated Birthday to my dear friend, Sippy! He turned 23 on 13th February! I’m sorry I forgot about it mate, forgive me? Check out his his website (version two currently under construction!)

On Wednesday 12th February 2002, I made the 45 minute journey from the Kempston office over to Stevenage. I was doing so, quite late in the day, and it was 3.30pm by the time I was in my car and on my way. Instead of listening to one of my MP3 CDs (that still sounds amazing!) I decided to listen to Chris Moyles, as this was an irregular time for me to be listening and I could try and discover what the quality of the programming was at the beginning of the show, rather than the end. To my amazing, he played a song from a female group. My mind suddenly came alert to the sound. This sound was very unique, unique to a particular group. They have been missing from our radio waves for far too long! The group are of course, the fabulous RnB/Garage trio – Mis-Teeq Their new single, Scandalous, isn’t released until March and is from their forthcoming album “Eye Candy“.

I quickly went around some websites yesterday, trying to find news on the girls. The official site, is the usual record label financed flash extravaganza, with the stereotypical content taking backseat to the images of the girls. A band is built on this ‘image’ and therefore its exploited at every possible opportunity.

One of the better fan sites is by Steve Bevis. Please check this out, as it gets the balance between information and news just right to deliver the Unofficial Mis-Teeq! Link removed, site closed November 2003.

Life is GREAT! Actually it’s fantastic, I never thought I would feel the way I do, at this time of year. I suppose, the challenged enforced upon me, has been met with ambitious dedication… and so we face the next challenge that shall fall upon us…

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