Wednesday 8th January 2003

A rare, mid week update! Well, I know I wanted to keep to a routine now of purchasing a single, on the last Monday of every year. Well having done that last year (well 2001) I was keen to repeat this in 2002. However, the record label, Data Records, part of the Ministry of Sound empire, made the decision to put back the release of the single I wanted to purchase. This did therefore put in a bit of a dilemma. Do I purchase, another single instead, or purchase two singles? Well I made the decision to wait the week and purchase the single in question the following Monday (6th) However, being at work, and unable to get to a reputable record shop during the day, I would not be able to make my purchase. I therefore, decided to make the purchase via the web. I ordered my CD single through HMV Direct. I must say, I was very impressed with the quality and ease of their pre-order system. They are so efficient, that my single was dispatched on Friday evening, and arrived on Monday morning, for practical purposes the actual day of release of the single. FANTASTIC! Now, of course you want to know what the single is. Throughout the course of my site updates, over the past four months, I have always been able to link, my feelings and thoughts to a song. Nothing has changed. This song brings back memories of a dance classic, which itself has been resurrected in recent times. But this is not to say that the sound is not original, unique and the vocals purely angelic. Angelic being the most appropriate adjective to use, of course! There are times when we all need, or seek guidance, knowledge and advice. We need to be away from all the tension created by a predicament and taken somewhere else…

From the tears and the pain, and the fears and the rain…

From the dark to the light, you are one shining light….Put your hand in my hand…. Put your hand in my hand…. Let me show you the WAY!”
Indeed there are times, when we all call upon some “Divine Inspiration”, to show us The Way!

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