Be Yourself No Matter What They Say

In 1995 I was intrigued by the launch advert for the new Rover 200. You may remember the advert as it transplanted this quintessential English British car (built just outside Birmingham) to New York. I love the idea of the advert but even more so the soundtrack. Sting’s – Englishman In New York.

In reality, this was my first introduction to the classic late 1980s song from the former frontman of The Police. It has been a lifelong dream to visit the city that never sleeps. In my career to date, I have been lucky enough to visit some fantastic cities. Lucky in part due to customers or my employer being based in multiple locations. Dublin, Edinburgh, Madrid and Prague to name just four. Working for an international software house, does open up the door to global travel. Being based in a global role does mean you have to spend time thinking outside of Europe, Middle East and Africa. After all, all the major decisions and revenue come from across the pond.

I’m an alien, I’m a legal alien…

Everyone in my family (apart from my Mum) have been to NYC. My Dad, sisters Samantha and Natalie all having the honour to visit The World Trade Centre. This trip has been twenty-one years in the making, yet the actual plans once the business component ends are relatively uncertain. Going against my general ethos to be prepared and plan for every eventuality, I am letting go. Be flexible, be agile. Go with the flow. All I can promise is there will be plenty of photographs of my adventures uploaded to FlickR on my return. The concrete jungle where dreams are made of…awaits!

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