When The World Is Not Enough

We all the entitled to change our minds. I did not believe, that after a mere one hundred and thirteen days, when I posted a blog centred around new music I would be, so soon, revisiting the topic. The August Bank Holiday is the last hurrah of the British Summer, the final long weekend before we return to the normality of school, college and the office. Maybe record labels tap into this sense of escapism and release numerous Summer tracks. There are now multiple songs to mention, including one from the Suicide Squad soundtrack but I want to focus on the return of Craig David. Being back on the road in my own vehicle has brought back memories of being seventeen (only just – it was almost half a lifetime ago!) and passing my driving test for the first time. Can I take you back to October 1999? Driving around in my Mum’s red Mini Mayfair, I was constantly listening to Fill Me In. David’s first official solo single. Did we ever discover who the girl in video was? Yes, I know he first became known for being featured on UK Garage track by Artful Dodger – Re-Rewind. This year was supposed to see the return of Craig David. The whole process started with his guest appearance alongside Fuse ODG on the live final of X Factor at Wembley Arena December last year. He was supporting eventual runners up Reggie and Bollie. Many radio DJs predicted 2016 would see the return of Southampton’s singing star. I was sceptical, even following a rather cool performance on BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge. Alongside my favourite DJ Sigala, he performed a cover of Charlie Puth’s fantastic See You Again. This was a sign for future collaborations, I just had to wait several months for them to be made public. Normally we would leave our laptop at home, but we decided to take it with us on our mini break to the Peak District this week. The main reason is since my Nexus 7 died (and has now been sent to electrical heaven) using my mobile is the only option. However, with so much driving in unfamiliar territory, I needed to conserve battery power. Plus having a full size keyboard and screen made planning items on our itinerary much easier. I had by chance included my mp3 player cable, so could download new music and load onto my Sansa Clip+. It was as if it was all meant to be. I was on Twitter and noticed Sigala had retweeted a tweet. I had to find out more. Tropical house or trop house as it is commonly referred is a music genre right up my street. Sigala are perhaps the most commercial example but thete is also Kygo, who produced an amazing remix of Take On Me. So good, that he performed with the Norwegian band at the Nobel Peace Prize concert earlier in the year. The Craig David track is not the only song I have been listening to constantly for the past few days. We have Closer by The Chainsmokers featuring Halsey, which has a great lyric video. Hope they actually release an official video. Matoma ft. Becky Hill – False Alarm which was played on Radio 1 as we drove up North, so I quickly used Shazam to tag the song and transfer over to Music list on Wunderlist. Do you not just love technology. Twenty years ago is a long period of time to go back to ask my beloved readers to make a cultural reference point. I have done this before but I am hoping more people are aware of the Dream Date episode from Season One of Sabrina The Teenage Witch (S01E06). Unfortunately the episode is no longer available on YouTube. However Amy Mclean from across the border has provided an excellent review. For a long time I have lost my love for music and new music in particular. That has changed in 2016 and I hope I never get to the stage when I refer to music as purely ‘noise’.

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