The Road To Glory

It was just your average Thursday morning, as we drove out of our estate. We were listening to Radio 1, nothing out the ordinary and in the back of my mind I was thinking of what I had to achieve, once I was in the office. I noticed a number of cars parked up at the entrance to Temple Park, then noticed a group of people standing together taking photographs. There was a big Union Flag alongside the Bandeira do Brasil. They were friends and family sending off their athlete. As we got closer, I could read the message – Good Luck Amber. Who knew I lived around the corner from an 18 year skeet shooter and one of the youngest members of Team GB. Once I got to the office, I looked Amber up online and found her on Twitter, Instagram as well as Wikipedia and her official web page. Interesting fact (alongside her being a local resident) she trains in my home town – High Wycombe at EJ Churchill.

Road Sign

When we arrived home, we received the local village magazine and found another article on Amber, as she was listed as one of the local talents to watch in Rio.

My thoughts turned back four years to London. I had to re-watch (for the first time since I might add) the video – Happy & Glorious featuring James Bond and Her Royal Highness. Still pure genius and the memories came flooding back. Like many things in life I appreciated it little at the time and now look back in wonder of what a wonderful period in our history. I am looking forward to the next sixteen days. There is just something special about the power of sport to bring people together, to be their best.

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