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Between 2005 to 2010 I was an avid reader. I would end most evenings by reading a chapter or two from one of the many books on my reading list. However in recent years, life has taken over. In fact Unread Books are a regular theme on the blog. The motivation has disappeared, as mentioned previously evenings are extremely condensed. Twelve hours working days rarely help proceedings (even if you factor in a ninety minute gym session in the evening, plus total sixty minutes travel). At the turn of the year, I was determined to get back into the habit of reading. My brother in law recommended a set text from secondary school. Something light (length wise, rather than subject wise). So I went for it and even added what I was reading to my menu bar on the blog, so people are aware I am making a conscience effort. I record each book (once read) onto my Pinterest board.

Just before our holiday I wanted a new book to read and decided on sci-fi classic. I reserved the book online at Waterstones, to collect from the store in Reading. Within less than thirty minutes, the confirmation came through on e-mail and I collected the book later that day. Why had I chosen this particular book? Well it was down to Amazon Studios TV series. I had watched the first few minutes of the first episode but decided against watching anymore. I suppose I am getting into the old ‘Dad’ category of the book is better than the film/theatre/television production. We shall see, I will watch the show once I have completed the book.

The Man in the High Castle by Philip K. Dick

[Image courtesy of Michael Sauers]

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