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Several months ago I was told by my colleague Samantha, that she was off to travel and work in New Zealand. This did not come as a complete surprise, I had noted a guide book to the Southern Hemisphere country on her Instagram feed, several days earlier. She had actually been afraid I might mention something inadvertently at lunchtime, so decided to tell me on a walk to the Manor after lunch one afternoon. Jealous is not the word, I was beyond envious that she was heading off to a completely different continent but most importantly with no coherent plan. It was a leap of faith which many of us fear to take!

Since joining CA, I would have described Sam as the closest friend I have made in the office. Mostly for our shared love for US televisions shows and movies. I mentioned Suits and she re-watched the first series and then watched the second season in almost tandem with me and we spent many a lunch hour discussing Harvey, Mike, Rachel and Louis. This weekend past, she has been binging on Glee (from season one) and I have confirmed privately that I too am a closet GLEEK!

While she would not describe herself as major office personality within our team she was a keen social butterfly, always organising Friday night drinks and other events such as leading our volunteer day! I will miss her warm presence in the office and beaming smile. Although we never directly worked with each other I know she was a dedicated member of the Operations Team.

In the middle of February she was considering starting a blog to record all her adventures and I was pleased to offer my fifty pence of advice! By the end of the weekend, she had started StarTrekkingWithKodakKirky (what a mouthful!!). I hope Sam will think of me, among others stuck in Ditton Park, Datchet updating reports while she starts a new life Down Under. I wish her the utmost good luck and part of me wishes I could be just as courageous. Maybe in another lifetime!

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  • Samantha Reply

    Andrew, you’re a gem! Such kind words, thank you thank you. You phrased it all a lot better than Oliver did, “we all knew you weren’t a worker Sam”, “you’re a girl of the night aren’t you”…Cheeky chap, but i’ll forgive him.
    Thanks tho, really kind of you. I’ll be sure to keep my eye on the latest hot trends of US tv whilst i’m on my travels, but one at a time this time I think. I’ll be on Glee for a little while (obsessed with it is an understatement) at least.
    I will try my best to keep my blog updated, and will of course think of you all back at DP a lot, and no, not just that ol’ crush I had, what was his name again; Timmy, Tommy, Thomas…oh who cares. Keep me posted on everyone, SHOULD anything exciting happen 😉
    Also, don’t be envious of my 2x 12 hour flights, full of uninterrupted films! Worth every penny of the £1,000 flight ticket, haha 😀

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