Wednesday 3rd December 2003

December already, I just do not know where the time has gone. I can remember just like yesterday, being on placement, working the long 7am to 7pm working week and covering over 600 miles in the course of those five days. Although I do, smile, with some relief that I no longer have to adjure such a working life. I look back and feel that perhaps I did not make the most of time then. I am not sure if that is what I mean. I should have made more of my time, on placement. It was an opportunity, it was an experience, a chance, a break. A break from University and a opportunity to realize that 12 months in industry can indeed be fun. I agree that my intentions were, just the same, at the beginning. But was I to know, the harsh card of fate I would be dealt by the man upstairs? If I was, I surely underestimated his power and the affect that the events of early August would have on the rest of my year. We did our best, to contain the situation and forever, whenever possible, not allow the views of others, particularly those whom we held close to our hearts to change the direction of journey. I know, perhaps at times, we drifted off the righteous path, but then we did what we thought was best, taking into consideration what others had said to us. Maybe that was my mistake. No, no, not my mistake. It was theirs. They made their choices, they took their decisions and sent those text messages. Little care, for how cold, they would leave someone, in the winter’s night. Only a few miles away, but in my mind’s eye, they were lost forever, and I wouldn’t be letting them in ever again.

Some people don’t deserve a second chance, and of course there are those that do. One More Chance at love, now that is a tall order. Given time, perhaps, maybe we do build up our expectations far too high, and then when we finally are discover. It is far from what we expected and at times, we are let down. This is indeed a jut another case of human nature. My friends, even I felt into this trap of emotion, recently. I too, built something up, beyond any reality and pushed my expectations far beyond the needs of the situation. How did I feel? I made the feelings worse? I pushed my emotions too far, and the other party could sense this. For, you do not act alone in such situations. That time has passed now and reality has brought some control. I think there is plenty of time for decisions to be made. For a change, I’m not going to be making a single decision and destiny shall be far from my hands. It feels a bit more interesting that way.

I mentioned Michelle Heaton Online but I did not give enough praise and mention of the author. Kristy, has her own site, and has recently revamped the site (with some careful words of encouragement from her friends). The site, follows on very much from same design layout of MHOL, but is based around Katie Holmes, of Dawson’s Creek fame. My favourite part of the site? Well the blog of course. But the other outstanding feature is the motto of the site. Take directly from my favourite (& Kristy’s as well I think!) Liberty X song, “Holding On For You”. The opening line, “Trust Is All It Takes…” The instant I hear that song, I’m taken back to first full week of November in 2002, and listening to the song on BBC Radio 1, on my drive home from work. To read more, check my Blog Archive, from Saturday 9th November. We look forward to reading how Kristy’s story develops and if she ever will be transported from one of her boring days in Holland, to the exciting city of London, to live her dream. I am sure she will do and of course we will all be able to read about the experience on her site. Trust Is All It Takes

I must be a great feeling to prove you critics wrong. Particularly when you are completely written off as a one hit wonder dance act. Well Love Inc. can feel such joy. There latest single, released next week, “Into The Night”, also the name of their debut album is a break away from the standard foreign dance track. Instead it is a very uplifting and at times soothing track. The Canadian trio can proud themselves on a great job done! It certainly hits the spot. Listen out for it on your radio station, in the coming few days.

Not much else to report I’m afraid. Just one final piece of coursework to complete for University. The other’s are done and dusted, one which just needs to be submitted in the morning. A week early I might add! 🙂 However, that was the good news, still got a lot of work, mainly documentation (as I’m informed by a course mate, via MSN) to do this coming weekend. Assignment due in on Tuesday. So, I must get cracking with that. I look forward to hearing from you soon, particularly have blogs, you feel should be listed on this page!

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