Tuesday 2nd May 2006

It is a long time since I jumped on the computer straight after a quiet night out to blog. I rarely blog ‘live’ after the event these days. It usually takes me a few days to gather my thoughts and put a decent entry together. I must be showing my age, after all I have been at this game for coming up to four years. Perhaps I have become far too much of a perfectionist or my readers expect far to much, first time around! Tonight I went into Marlow after Eastenders to meet up with my work colleagues for a few drinks. It was a good laugh and great to get away from the computer for a few hours after a shockingly bad day in the office. We ended up playing pool and leaving around 10.45pm to head back home. Got a package that I had been waiting for, well quite a few weeks. Hussein had posted it some time ago (or so he tells me) but I got it this morning and it wasn’t my hands until 6.30pm, when I got home. So were the seventeen days wait worth it? I can’t really answer that question because I have only been able to see, but no hear the recorded footage. Myth TV is perhaps the marriage of two of the biggest pastimes of the geek. The coming together of television and recorded digital media. Having seen it live at the secret layer of Mighty Mouse deep in the heart of North West London, I can report first hand that it is an amazing experience. The quality of the video is better than Sky Digital and the sound reproduction is awesome, perfect in fact. Knowing the trials and tribulations my friend went through to put together this sweet home entertainment setup (including completely dismantling his sister’s beloved wardrobe!). He should really get his act together and update his project page with the full details.

Myth TV

ITV1 have been screening the Matrix Trilogy, with the second installment, “Reloaded” is coming to a climax at the moment as I write this. It is perhaps my favourite of the trilogy, which is typical. Generally speaking I usually always go for the second movie in any trilogy as my favourite. While most people believe the original is best and the other two movies filled with more effects than actual plot, I prefer to enjoy the return of a hero greater than his birth. Does that make sense? Many will frown at me but I had to be at the last game at Highbury. This afternoon, just after 1pm, as my lunch hour kicked in I called the “agent” and experienced the strangest customer service in the world ever. The 0870 number rang and after a few rings someone answered, a bloke. There was no salutation or pleasant greeting. It was more of a surprised, “Hello?” with the thought of why is someone actually calling us. I gave my reference number and explained who I was and the details of the ticket I was chasing. I was then asked how many I had purchased, just the one. Instead of inputting my reference number into a computer system, and tracking my order, the guy took the phone away slightly to shout across the office at a colleague. “Dave, got a Mr. Tegala on the phone about ticket to Wigan…” I heard the reply in the distance, “I’m just sending them out now!” The clerk (or whatever he was) came back to the phone to say, “You’ll get the tickets tomorrow!”. Now if that was a lesson in poor customer service, I don’t know what is! Plus at these prices, I expect to be speaking to Holly Valance or at least Toni Phillips.

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