Sunday 1st August 2004

So August is upon us. A fresh start. A special month. Uniquely slotted in between July and my favourite time of year, September. The football season re-starts. The kids are on holiday. Many are away on holiday. The silly season, as often referred to by the tabloid press. Are you a gamer? More importantly, are […]

Thursday 1st July 2004

Eight days into my new job, and disaster did really strike. I had a few options. Bite the bullet and drive in. Consider paying over the odds for a taxi from Marylebone station to the office? Or risk a crowded bus? On the train home, on Tuesday evening, I overheard someone saying that they were […]

Friday 18th June 2004

Preparation is important with everything in your life. Always “Do you homework!” That is something, that rings in my ears regularly. So this morning, I set off on my daily commute, as if I was going to work. This dummy run, was purely to check the timing of the bus, train and then tube services […]